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Improve your cybersecurity for your business

Privacy is essential to running an online business.

So how does cybersecurity come into this? Cyber security is essentially the online equivalent of locking the doors of your home. It involves software and firewalls which prevent hackers & fraudsters from stealing your personal information in order to make purchases using your money.

Here's how to make sure your cybersecurity is up to scratch.

Improving Your Cybersecurity

1. Using A Password Manager

You might have heard of a password manager before, but what is it? A password manager is an online program which stores all your information in an encrypted database behind a maximum strength password. Your passwords will then be stored there, usable at any moment and on any site, and will be kept safe from hackers or bots trying to access your information. This is what is called two-factor authentication, which means that in order to access your different passwords, you need to first enter the master password which is usually a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

2. AntiVirus Software

You have probably seen antivirus software before, but is it installed in your computer right now? Many people do not install it due to the fact that it has a price tag, but in fact, antivirus software is worth the money. Not only can it scan your device for trackers and breaches of privacy, but it can help remove them with one simple click. This ensures that if you have accidentally downloaded a virus or allowed a breach to take place, this software on your device will detect it and remove it, keeping you and your information safe.

3. Being Careful What You Share

Sharing your personal information has become the norm. With social media and our constant communication means we give the internet access to our lives, constantly, all the time. It has become normal, in addition, to share perhaps intimate details and photographs of ourselves with friends and partners. This is not a good idea. No matter how private you feel your communications are, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. Keep your private and intimate things to yourself, offline, and you will not have to worry about breaches of your privacy.


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