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'I was a nurse, now I run a medical grade skin clinic'

We spend 5 minutes with owner and founder of Regenerer skin clinic, Nicky Tzimas.

1. Tell us more about your background and the drive to open Regenerer?

My background is in nursing, with a strong background in mental health. I have a strong passion for women’s health and wellbeing and greatly believe in the importance of self-care both intrinsically and extrinsically.

It’s a genuine privilege to have my own clinic, Regenerer as I enjoy working with women and supporting their evolving and unique journey and transformation

2. Why should we be getting medical grade treatments on our skin?

Whether your skin concerns are ageing, acne or pigmentation, having consistent professional medical grade treatments will help you achieve your skin goals faster.

Having treatments in a clinic like Regenerer will additionally benefit your skin by preventing the ageing process and skin stress/damage that occurs from factors such as unhealthy dietary choices, air pollution, poor sleep, secondhand tobacco smoke, psychological stress and sun exposure.

3. Let's talk ingredients! What are some of your go-to ingredients for keeping skin hydrated in Winter?

Hyaluronic acid! It is a beneficial and functional ingredient that most skin types can use. Hyaluronic acid is already naturally occurring in our connective tissue, skin and body. Externally using a hyaluronic acid serum on your skin will help retain moisture, smoothing out any fine lines and wrinkles, as well as minimising skin irritation and winter rashes.

4. Many of our readers suffer from pigmentation/melasma. How do you tackle this in clinic?

There is no quick answer when it comes to treating skin pigmentation and melasma. There are various causes of pigmentation such as sun damage, hormone changes or pregnancy. If pigmentation is a concern of yours, prioritise seeing a skin therapist to formulate a safe and effective treatment plan customised to your Fitzpatrick skin type.

5. We're sure you have many, but what would be some of your top tips for looking after your skin at home?

Consistency is key! Life gets busy and our skin can sometimes be left till last or at the bottom of our checklist. Maintaining a simple and consistent skin routine, keeps skin healthy, balanced and protected.

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