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  • Rima Alijew

How to set up a successful online business

Rima Alijew founder of Trunk Studios TV

Rima Alijew shares her top 5 tips for setting up an online business after creating her own during COVID.

Know your ideal customer

It may sound cliche but by getting to know your ideal customer’s challenges and desires you can make sure that you address them when creating your online business. By identifying your ideal customer first you can customise your offering to ensure that it’s the perfect solution for them and you can tailor your messaging to attract them to your brand.

Invest in marketing

Many new businesses forget about the aspect of marketing and don’t set aside a budget to help them connect their brand with their ideal customers. It’s such an important element to building a successful online business and can really be a make or break.

social media marketing
Invest in all forms of marketing when launching your business

Before you launch your online business make sure that you plan out your marketing strategy for the upcoming months so that you can have a clear plan in place that will help you reach new audiences and connect your brand with potential customers.

Know your own brand

In a busy online world it’s really important that you know what your business stands for and that you stick to it. Your ethics and values as a business will guide your decisions when it comes to marketing, branding and how you show up as a business in the online landscape.

By having clear ethics and values you will attract customers who align with your brand and become loyal customers because they believe in what you do.

Don’t try to please everyone

The truth is that you can’t please everyone, so it’s important to not get too caught up in what your competition is doing and make sure that you stay focused on your own unique vision.

If you feel like you’re trying to please everyone, try shifting your focus to promoting positive word of mouth for your business with the customers who love what you have to offer. Word of mouth is one of the best things to focus on as it will help you achieve sustainable growth in the long term.

Have systems and process in place

Make sure that your tech is up to scratch and that you have clear processes in place that will guarantee your customer service is second to none. Choosing shortcut options early on for your website or process can really impact your online business negatively and set you back.

By ensuring that you have invested into the things that help your business run smoothly and elevate your customer experience you will make sure that you stand out from the competitors and build a loyal community around your brand.


Rima Alijew is a qualified Pilates instructor and founder of Trunk Studios TV. She launched the online platform as an extension of her Sydney studio which booked out as restrictions eased after the COVID-19 lockdown. The on-demand space features online workouts, nutritionist developed recipes, meditations and mindset podcasts.


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