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How to recruit the right staff

All businesses will have a number of employees leave over the years. It's to be expected!

However then comes the difficult task to hire someone new.

Here are the common mistakes that you should learn from for future recruitment...

Don't Rush The Process

Recruitment should be taken slowly especially if it's filling a full-time role. So don't rush this process and take it at your own pace. The last thing you want is to be securing someone who isn't right for the job and isn't a good fit for the company as a personality. Know what you want for the role and what you're looking for in a person. Make sure you click personality wise and remember that you don't need to pick the best out of a bad bunch.

That being said, you don't want to wait too long for the perfect candidate to come along. There’s very rarely going to be a person who ticks all your boxes so find compromises, especially if it's taking too long.

Create an accurate job description and note down all your requirements so that its clear in what you need and what is more optional or desirable.

Personality Matters Too

Like it's been mentioned above, hiring someone with the right skills and requirements for the job is one thing but will you and your team get on with that person. Personality is a big thing because a work relationship is important to successfully completing the work that's needed in a positive environment.

Use Agencies To Find Potential Employees

You may be able to host your jobs via your own website but when it comes to recruiting, you want to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. So use agencies like DSC Personnel to help you with your search for new staff members. Its also good to use agencies when you may be too busy to do the recruitment process yourself as a company - aka all the paperwork! Make sure you give them a rundown of what you’re after though as you don’t want to be interviewing candidates who don’t fit your requirements.

Make Use Of Interviews

The interviews are important to figure out if those you see are going to suit the position. You really only want to do two rounds of interviews unless the role itself is quite complex. Too many rounds and you risk putting off the employee and making them think that there’s something wrong with them or with the company. And it’s usually the latter! Remember that although they are mainly formal, try to keep them relaxed and ask casual questions to get to know them and their life a bit more. You’ll both get more from the interview if that happens.

Recruiting someone new should be bringing something to the organisation. Always keep this in mind no matter how many recruitment drives take place over the success of a company. Take your time and look for someone who has the experience but also the personality to match the business.


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