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How to keep your home safe & emergency ready

keeping your home safe

The most precious place on earth to most of us is our homes.

Lately, with quarantine conditions in place, we've been spending even more time at home than usual. Little wonder then, that keeping our homes safe and secure is a priority for most of us.

So what emergency gear and preparations do you need on hand in your home?

Check Your Smoke Detectors

In a home fire, you have less time than you think to exit the building safely. It's generally smoke inhalation rather than flames that overwhelm people first, so make sure you're alerted as soon as possible to have the best chance of getting to safety completely unharmed.

best smoke alarms for your home

Going for a mix of hard wired and battery powered smoke detectors gives the best cover. There should be especially care to place them near the kitchen and the bedrooms. Models with a sealed in lithium battery are more convenient as the battery only needs replacing once every ten years or so.

Save Some Numbers

Saving a few home emergency contacts in your phone book and emailing them to yourself is a smart move that gives you a clear next step if something occurs in the home. Things like a burst pipe, storm damage to the roof or a fallen tree all require urgent repairs. Don't leave it up to when you're panicking - do some research in advance and find competitively-priced local suppliers who you can call on in an emergency.

Saving a contact such as can really help you out when you most need a quick response. If you've done any renovating recently it's a great idea to keep the trades numbers on file as well.

Stock Up Your First Aid Kit

best first aid kit for your home

A well stocked first aid kit is a must for any household, so if you don't already have one prepared than don't delay any longer. You can either buy a small pre-packed first aid kit or assemble your own, containing items like bandages, sterile dressings, a small pair of scissors, a compact flashlight, tweezers, disposable gloves, hydrocortisone cream, antiseptic spray, painkillers and antihistamines.

If you make your own, keep it in an airtight, waterproof tupperware box that you can quickly grab as needed - you may also want to make up a second one while you're at it to keep in the car.


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