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How the humidity effects your skin

The weather around us is always going to have an effect on how we look and feel; for example, in the winter, our skin may get dry and cracked. But the summertime can prove quite the opposite. There’s a lot of moisture in the air, and it can make the air around us feel a lot hotter than it actually is, and thus we sweat and swelter in the heat.

So, here’s just a few of the main ways humidity effects your skin. If you know about them, you can better prepare for them, and maintain the kind of glow that makes you feel beach body ready!

Bacteria can thrive

If your skin is living in a humid environment, then there’s a good chance you feel overly moist, and a little bit oily. Well, because of this, there’s also a good chance bacteria is going to be thriving in your pores and on the surface of your skin. Humid environments are a great breeding ground for yeast infections, and other bacterial groups of the like. Not to mention the amount of acne you might break out in!

Which means it’s a good time to let your skin breathe - keep heavy makeup in the tin, and only BB creams, if you still feel the need to put some on. And hey, maintaining skin health can be quite simple when you have the right products; if you’re in need of an update to your skincare routine, why not check out a brand like dermalogica? Exfoliating is king during times of the year when moisture is in the air, and there’s little to no dry atmosphere to go around.

You may feel a bit...itchy

It doesn’t have to be a worrying sign, but if you’re a bit itchier and more irritated than usual, it’s probably because of the humidity in the air. After all, if you’re sweating more, and there’s more oil and moisture on and in your skin, you’re going to be more sensitive! And the pores in your skin layers are going to be overflowing, and there’s a good chance ingrown hair follicles are going to litter your body. They’re not very nice to deal with!

Be sure to invest in some cream that keeps this kind of irritation at bay; even a chamomile infused roll-on deodorant is great for these purposes, and those aren’t expensive on the budget.

Your eczema or dermatitis may flare up

This will be due to the higher levels of moisture in the air, so make sure you have a treatment plan and medication on hand to treat any flare ups you may have!


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