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Eating out with a baby

Life with a baby or toddler can be tough. Raising a child is tiring, even if they defy the odds and sleep well, you are consumed by them. You're always worried about them, thinking of them, your life changes beyond all recognition. Sometimes, feeling as though you can’t enjoy the things that you used to can be upsetting.

You can start to feel that the person that you were before is being lost.

But, when it comes to eating out, you don’t have to stop because you’ve had a baby. You might have to go earlier, and you might not be able to go to all of your favourite restaurants, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy eating out with your family and friends. In fact, taking your baby or toddler with you can help them to develop healthy eating habits and social skills from an early age.

So, if you’d like to eat out with your baby, here's some tips to help you.

Pick the Right Restaurant

Choosing where you eat is crucial when you are out with a young family, and taking a look at the Top 10 Adelaide Restaurants can still be a good idea as your family starts to get older. Take a look at menus online, paying particular attention to whether or not they have a kids menu. A lack of kids options doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t welcome children, but it might mean that the atmosphere is more grown-up. Do your research and find somewhere that you feel comfortable.

Plan Their Feeds

If you are dining out with an older child, while you might want to take a small snack and a drink to keep them going, they should be ok ordering their main meal with you. But, babies feeding takes more planning. If you are bottle-feeding or have moved on to weaning, make sure you take whatever you need, and enquire about bottle warming facilities if they aren’t mentioned online. If you are breastfeeding, dress to make it easy, and choose somewhere you feel more comfortable.

Pack Some Essentials

Young children, and especially toddlers, get bored. You might want to pack a colouring book and pencils, or some rattles and basic toys to keep them occupied. You might also choose to take your own child safe tableware. Some restaurants will provide them, but not all, and taking your own can make your child feel more comfortable.

Time it Right

You might want to avoid busy times when you first start taking your kids out for food. Mid-afternoon, between 3 pm - 5 pm are often quiet, just make sure the restaurant doesn’t close for a few hours after lunch.

Take a Walk

If your baby is still tiny, take them for a walk in the pram before you sit down to eat. They might fall asleep and nap through the meal.


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