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Creating professional business documents

When you start running a business there are lots of things you'll need to learn and many skills which you will pick up along the way.

One of the things which you'll always have to be able to do is create professional looking documents for your clients, potential investors and employees. Media kits, contracts, receipts and letters are just a few of the documents you'll need to utilise running your business.

Here's a few tips on making them look professional:

Use templates

Why would you try to design it yourself when you can use a template which is ready made for the purpose? On they have lots of templates which can make your CV, contracts and important newsletters look much more professional right away and it will make sure that people want to come to you due to the trust they will have in your quality of work.

Do your research

If you're ever in doubt on what to do when writing those big professional documents, it is always worth taking a look online and even in the office to see what sort of style everyone else uses and how they layout a piece. Doing this can give you inspiration and will make it much easier for you to create stunning pieces of content which impress at all levels.

Use Grammarly

The beauty about living in the age we do is the fact that we have access to tools other than thesaurus and spell checker. Grammarly is an app which many businesses use to monitor the grammar in our work. You can use this tool as an extension in your browser so that when you use things like google docs and gmail, the app will run and inform you of any silly mistakes.

Keep it simple

When you are trying to make a big impression on your workers and the outside world it can be far too tempting to raid the tools on Microsoft word and create an all bells and whistles kind of piece. While in school you were the cool kids for using word art for everything, it isn’t the same case anymore. Keep things simple, you can add a coloured border and a few highlighted headers.

Add your logo

Whenever you come to finish off a piece you should always find a place to put your logo. Your logo is the many indicator of your brand so it is important to create a great logo and put it in either the header or the footer of your piece depending on what you are creating.

Get in touch with She Does This if you're wanting to work with us on producing your own unique professional logo!

Be you !

Don't be afraid to add some personality into your content! This is especially important with pitches as it will set you apart from the competition.

Need help with your branding?

Get in touch with She Does This to see how we can help


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