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Bright ideas for a brighter home

If you feel like your home is a bit dull lately, you’re not alone. It’s the middle of the Aussie winter, and some days can just be so dark and gloomy, although we do know we have been lucky to have a rather warm and sunny winter this year. But the sun is just not the same as the summer, and some of us just can’t help but feel like our homes are much darker and gloomier than they should be. But with a click of a few buttons, and a little DIY here and there, you could brighten up your home in days. You want a home that radiates all year round, whilst still having that perfect balance of comfort that every home should have. If you feel like this is something you just can’t find the balance with at the minute, we’re here to help.

These fabulous tips will show you just a few ways you can brighten up your home, without having to do anything that will break your bank account.

Better Lighting Solutions

Lighting is everything in the home, and we know that with the way that some homes are designed, lighting isn't always its best friend. For one reason or another, some homes can feel really closed of to natural light, but that doesn't mean that you can't replicate it with better lighting in your home. Led lighting solutions will become your new best friend, but it's about the position that you put them in. The key is to check for areas of your home that feel shadowed, which will most likely be those away from the window. Then you want to think about making it look as pretty as possible, because you don't want a home that's full of artificial light if it isn't going to make it look totally fabulous. So check out some of the beautiful lighting fixtures that you could buy alongside the Led lights. Led lights are far brighter, and are becoming more economical as the years go on!

It’s All About Colours

Colours really are everything in the home and if you feel like yours is a bit dark and gloomy lately, then you can probably put it down to the colours that you're using in your home. A lot of people are going for the grey colour scheme at the minute, but if you're looking for a colour that's going to brighten the room, this really won't do it. So what you need to think about is white, and all of the combinations that could go with it. White walls are so easy to combine with light and bright colours, such as teale, that will really help to bring some light into your home! Be sure to keep it two colours to each room, because as soon as you start mixing too many colours, it gets a little complicated!

A Bit More Open Plane Natural Light

Natural light is really key in the home, and if yours doesn't have much of it, you need to think about how you can draw that in. So this might be the most expensive one that we've spoke about, but you could think about turning your home more open plan with bi-folding doors. It gives you the chance to open up one part of your home, making it feel more light and airy!


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