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Boosting employee morale in your business

When employee morale is low, your business will take a hit. Low moods and negative attitudes will have an effect on productivity, which could cause problems with client and customer interactions.

You can improve your employee's morale, giving them both a better sense of self-worth and the motivation to work hard for you when they enter into your employ each day. And by improving their morale, your business will see the benefits.

So, where to start? How can you boost your employee's morale in your workplace?

1. Don't be the boss from hell!

Don't overwork your staff. Don't talk to them with disrespect. Don't rule your workplace with an iron fist. In short, don't be that proverbial boss from hell. Your employees are more workers, they're human beings with feelings and limitations, so neither should be compromised. If you are berating your employees, putting too much pressure on them, or diminishing their sense of self-worth in any way, then they won't particularly enjoy coming into work each day. Treat your employees with respect. Thank them for work well done. Talk to them like human beings. And support them with their work needs. By being a heavenly boss (if such a thing is possible), your employees will look more favorably upon you, and upon your business as a whole.

2. Find ways to reward your employees

You might think that paying your employees a wage each month is enough. However, if you go the extra mile for your employees, you'll boost their morale. You might reward them for completing a project ahead of time, for example, perhaps by giving them a cash bonus or a small gift as a token of your appreciation.

You might give them the opportunity to leave work early occasionally, or the option of working from home to improve their work-life balance. And you might consider taking them for a meal occasionally, as this will also prove useful within our next point.

3. Create a positive atmosphere

Before thinking about a positive atmosphere, let's consider what constitutes a negative atmosphere. Your behavior has an effect as we have already discussed, especially when you come across as mean and overbearing. The attitude of certain employees can also have an effect, especially those who engage in gossip, negative talk, and various types of workplace bullying. As the leader in charge, you need to responsibly stamp out negative behaviours, in both your own attitude and in that of the people you employ.

This is your first step in creating a positive atmosphere. You should then do those things that will bond your employees together, creating moments where they can enjoy each other's company, make friendships, and form better working relationships. Taking them out for a meal is one idea, but you might also consider team retreats, office parties, and collaborative meetings, where everybody's opinion matters. By developing closeness between your employees, the workplace should become a friendlier place to be, and as a consequence, a positive atmosphere will develop.

4. Improve the workspace

What does your workspace look like? Are the walls worn and drab? Do the colors match your employee's (potential) negative moods? Does the break room contain nothing but a kettle and a few cracked coffee cups? If so, you need to find ways to improve your employee's workspace. Giving the walls a makeover is a start, perhaps with a fresh coat of paint with a bright or calming color, and some decoration. For the break room, you might want to add a new drink and snack machine, or some comfy seating that may improve your employee's downtime. Giving them the opportunity to let off steam and have some fun is also a good idea. This company has the best range of pool tables, so have a look, and consider adding one to the break room, or you might consider a ping-pong or a foosball table.

Now consider your employee's workstations. Let them add a few personal touches, from family photos to collectible knick-knacks. With a workspace worth coming into, your employee's morale should raise as they set foot through the door, with a more productive attitude as they go about the day.


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