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4 ways to add value to your home

A home purchase is the most expensive thing you will buy in your life so making sure you retain its value or even add to it will make sure you invest is working for you should the time come to sell in the near or distant future.

Remember a good rule of thumb is to spend 2% of the value of your home to add improvements and not overspend. But what are the best ways to add value to your home?

Windows and Window Treatments

Adding double glazing to your home if it doesn't has it already will be a good investment for the value of your home. As will replacing old and damaged windows to more up to date energy-efficient windows.

Don't forget, windows are the eyes to your home so as well as making sure windows are functional, they also need to look good too.

Dressing your windows with blinds - wooden Venetian blinds can add a touch of warmth and traditional vibes to more modern homes. Plantation shutters are also a good addition to windows as is adding awnings above windows or patio doors for a functional yet stylish addition to the exterior of your windows.


A good finish on home decorating will always be a good and fairly inexpensive way to add value. If you are looking to sell, refreshing the paintwork inside your home to neutral colours to create a blank canvas will help potential buyers to visualise your home as their own when viewing.

Updating tired and flaking paint on the exterior of your home and fences will boost your curb appeal and attract the attention of buyers before they even enter your home. When redecorating the interior focussing on the prep work will ensure a good finish. But pay attention to ceilings and skirting boards if you are low on funds or time or both to help transform the look of the room.

Door Handles

Replacing damaged or worn door handles on interior doors and cupboards will instantly make your home look more stylish and cohesive. If you have older units that need reviving but you don’t want to spend too much money, replacing the handles will give it a new lease of life until you can repair, replace or upcycle.


You want to wow anyone who comes to your home. So paying attention to your entrance area at all times will help you to improve how others see your home. If you keep a well-maintained entranceway, inside and out then this will not only look impressive but also boost your chances of improving your home's value really easily too. Think front door, door handles, exterior paving and wedding issues and an immaculate door area once inside the home that reflects how you live.


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