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Adding traditional decor to your modern home

These days, everyone’s become huge fans of minimalist, modern decor designs because they're clean, simple and not as expensive as people often assume. However, a lot of people still yearn for the traditional days of log fires, wooden bookshelves and colourful antique furniture that stood out in a strangely charming way.

Of course, it’s often not practical to revamp your entire home just to make it feel more traditional, but there are a couple of fantastic ways to add a touch of traditional decor design to your modern home without too much work. In this post, we’re going to look at a couple of modern ways to add traditional design elements to make your home ooze with charm.

Add some plants in mismatching pots

hanging pot plants

In the past, interior designers cared less about matching plant pots and more about the significance of the pots. Perhaps one pot was handmade in another country, or maybe another had been passed down for many generations. The big thing about traditional decor is that a lot of it is steeped in history, meaning it might like gaudy or silly to an outsider, but to you, each piece has significant meaning.

So if you’re going to add a bit of foliage like tall plants or small desk plants, don’t get too caught up trying to purchase identical pots and play around with different styles.

Fill your bookshelves with items

Bookshelves are a fantastic form of storage, but what you put on them can have a drastic impact on the overall feel. Instead of trying too hard to organise everything, think more about how you can showcase your personality, interests and history.

For instance, you could add photographs of your family, you could add little trinkets of theirs next to their photographs, or you could even add memorabilia that you’ve picked up during your travels.

Add a gas log fire to your living room

Companies like do a fantastic job of recreating the traditional wood log fire feeling with modern technology. In this case, a gas log fire is much more fuel efficient than a regular wood fire and it’s easier to install. Plus, you don’t need to worry about splitting logs, bagging ashes or even tending to the fire. It’s incredibly convenient yet the design of it adds a nostalgic touch to any room that you add it to.

Consider purchasing a rug

Rugs can be a great way to add a traditional touch to a modern room. They look fantastic against wooden and laminate floors and they can take on a number of different shapes, sizes and patterns. If you’d like to learn more about picking a rug, then this insightful article from does an excellent job of explaining the basics of how to choose a rug. There are countless styles and patterns to choose from so it can take a while to pick out the perfect traditional rug to match your modern home.


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