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About to pop? Here are 5 new & trending baby products

If you’re in need of some baby product necessities, here are five new and trending products that are sure to make #mumlife simpler & better.

1. Cubo Ai Sleep Safety Bundle, $599

The Cubo Ai Sleep Safety Bundle is a parent’s new go-to tool when it comes to bedtime. The bundle includes the new Sleep Sensor Pad that detects your little one’s micro motion as well as a Cubo Ai Plus monitor overseeing any possible dangers, wake ups, cries and more.

Cubo Ai Sleep Safety Bundle
Cubo Ai Sleep Safety Bundle

Being the first baby monitor to apply AI to your baby’s safety and sleep, the Cubo Ai Sleep Safety Bundle ensures alerts are precise and accurate while looking out for your baby, allowing peace of mind when it’s time for you to gain some ZZZ’s too.

2. Silver Cross Dune Space Stroller, $1,299

Silver Cross Dune Space Stroller
Silver Cross Dune Space Stroller

Known as the pram brand of choice for the Royal Family and a long list of A-list celebrities, Silver Cross is the world’s most trusted nursery brand for more reasons than one. The launch of its Dune Space Stroller is an eco-conscious, practical and stylish stroller perfect for families on the go.

The Silver Cross Dune Space Stroller encompasses all the necessities, including a Dune pushchair frame, reversible pushchair seat, pushchair hood, sun sail, bumper bar, rain cover and a reclining seat ensuring the greatest extent of comfort.

3. GAIA Natural Baby Hair & Body Wash, $11.50

We know babies can be a little difficult when it’s time to take a bath. To minimize the squirming and struggles, the GAIA Natural Hair & Body Wash all-in-one cleanser is the perfect product to save you time and energy!

The Hair & Body Wash is made with all natural origin ingredients with pH balancing elements, ensuring your baby’s delicate skin stays smooth, hydrated and clean. It has no soap or SLS/SLES which can cause dryness, so it is also a great option for eczema- prone skin.

You can’t hold your baby all the time, even though you may want to. There's a reason baby wearing has become so popular. It's got benefits for baby AND you can be hands free!

Made with extra-soft breathable fabric, the carrier is customisable to suit newborns with the integrated infant booster as well as growing toddlers.

5. Functional change tables

This change table from Mocka will keep all your products in view. The change mat can also be removed once baby is out of nappies, leaving it as a gorgeous piece of nursery furniture!

What products are at the top of your list?


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