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5 ways to detoxify the air in your workspace

People often think about how the quality of air outside affects them. They think pollution, smog, smoke and all kinds of factors that could negatively impact their health–and it’s all in the air. While outdoor air can be surprisingly harmful (especially if you live in a busy city) inside air can also be also be a concern.

Not only does the quality of air directly affect your health and productivity, but indoor air can be surprisingly polluted especially if you’re working in a busy environment with a lot of devices and furniture.

So if you’re looking to improve your health habits for 2019, here are 5 ways to improve and detoxify the air in your workspace.

1. Clean up your workplace

Whether it’s your entire office, your desk, cubicle or even your room, make sure you clean up that workspace. Regular dusting and cleaning of shelves will help, but so will mopping floors and occasionally cleaning carpets. Keeping dust and grime to a minimum will improve the air quality ten fold!

2. Devices to keep the air clean

Invest in devices that make the air cleaner. Unhumid has plenty of useful recommendations for dehumidifiers and diffusers that could improve the quality of air in your workplace. Improved ventilation systems, filters in your computers to trap dust and air-purifying devices will all be useful.

Dyson make tower fans that can purify a whole room by capturing fine particles and harmful pollutants.

3. Clean fans and vents

A ventilation system is going to be one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to maintaining the quality of air in your workplace. Definitely get the fan and vents professionally cleaned, and also to have the windows open now and then to improve the circulation in the space and get rid of any dust, germs and bacteria that could be lingering in your office.

4. Making your office greener

detoxifying plants
The Peace Lily is great for detoxifying the air

A green office will ultimately lead to better air quality indoors. Having extra plants around the office can freshen the air and keep the space looking beautiful.

Some of the top indoor plants for detoxifying the air are the Areca Palm, Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm Boston Fern and the Peace Lily.

5. Better waste management

It’s also important to mention waste management in the office. If you leave too much clutter around your office, it’s going to attract dust. Be it scraps of paper, decomposing food or plastics, it makes the entire workplace less pleasant to work in and also doesn’t help to improve the quality of air. Get rid of all the clutter and waste in your office every day to make sure the air in your office stays clean.


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