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5 business lessons I learned from my Mother

Nadine Ismiel-Nash, mother of three and biomedical scientist, is the Founder and Creator of NitWits All-In-One, Australia’s leading head lice treatment. As well as being the creator of NitWits, Nadine is the Head of Research and Development at Sue Ismiel and Daughters. Nadine has been involved with the family business since her mother created the internationally successful Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel over 26 years ago.

Nadine Ismiel-Nash
Nadine and her Mother, Sue

With a supportive and loving mentor by her side, Nadine’s passion for creating products with a difference has allowed for numerous “world-first” and market leading products to become a driving force behind the family business’s international growth and success.

Nadine shared 5 business lessons she's learned from her Mother with She Does This...

1. Innovate relentlessly – My mother has always thrived on finding solutions to common problems that make a difference to a person’s life or the way they feel. When you create a product that solves an unmet need, you automatically stand out in the crowd as you have a clear point of difference. We both have a great passion for innovation and the ability to provide our customers with new and exciting solutions that are often world firsts.

nitwits lice treatment
NitWits All-In-One Range

2. Work hard – I’ve learnt that nothing comes easily. My mother faced many challenges in her life however her hard work and persistence enabled her to overcome the hurdles and succeed. My mother lives and breathes the motto “there’s always a way”. It’s something that she instilled in my sisters and I from a very young age. Whenever we felt that something was too challenging or difficult, my mother always encouraged us to give it a go. In business, the same applies. You need to have the courage to have a go even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

3. Love the customer – My mother has always valued customer feedback and the learnings obtained from listening to customers. We place great importance on customer satisfaction and this is a key priority area of focus throughout our organisation.

4. Embrace simplicity

nad's hair removal gel
Nad's Natural Hair Removal Gel

Our family business was born from a simple natural formula that my mother created for my sister, that soon became the highly successful Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel. My mother has always embraced simplicity and the fact that you don’t need a complex business to succeed.

You won’t see lengthy business plans in our family business, just lots of passion and innovative thinking.

5. Give back – My mother is an active philanthropist and has supported numerous charities and initiatives over the years. She has always felt a great sense of purpose and fulfillment when she has been able to contribute to making a real difference to people’s lives.

Growing up and witnessing this from a very young age taught me about the importance of giving back and the greater purpose for why we do the things we do.

For more information about NitWits, visit:, like NitWits on Facebook or follow them on Instagram


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