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3 ways to fix bad posture

There's a reason your grandmother always told you to stand up straight.

fix bad posture

Good posture helps us breathe properly and get oxygen into our lungs, something essential for both stamina and mental well being.

As women, we are often guilty of hunching our backs, leading to sore neck, shoulders and headaches.

Here are 3 ways you can fix bad posture

Take up horse riding

Stay with us now....sitting in the saddle as the horse trots, or canters engages the adductor and pelvic muscles, which are essential to prevent slouching.

Also, the faster the horse goes the more your muscles are engaged, which means you can get an excellent posture boosting workout.


Yoga (and pilates too!) is good for posture because it emphasises elongating the muscles while in correct alignment. That means by completing a daily practice you can build strength in your spine, abdomen, and pelvis. Yoga is also great for posture because it provides opportunities to relax all of your back and core muscles, this can help minimise the constant downward pressure on areas such as the spine and so allow it to expand back to its natural state.

Of course, to get the most out of your yoga workout you will need to have the right equipment. Start with the basics such as these yoga mats, some blocks, and a strap. Investing in these items is well worth it because they will ensure you perform the Asanas correctly, that is keeping the body and so the skeleton in the correct alignment.

Lift some weights

Lifting weights that are appropriate for your strength and ability can support good posture. One of the best things about this activity is that it can be done anywhere from the gym to your very own home. You don't even need to start with lots of fancy equipment as gallon water bottles and tins from your kitchen will do.

Weightlifting is so good for your posture because it helps to increase the pressure on your skeleton positively. This pressure encourages better bone density which is vital for posture.


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