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3 ways to clear your mind

Do you ever feel like you need to clear your head? The stresses of life can leave us feeling completely overwhelmed, leading to sleepless nights and a tense feeling throughout your body.

Here are 3 simple ways you can clear your mind...


Meditation is often seen as the best way to clear your head and be calm. I don't deny that it can calm you down, but will it clear your head? Maybe it's just me, but sitting down and trying to meditate just gives me more

opportunities to overthink.

You could also try Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is excellent as you move through lots of different poses while standing up. Therefore, you can't afford to think about other things or you'll lose balance and fall over.

You'll find places like the Tai Chi For Health Institute all over the country that let you take part in Tai Chi lessons. It's proven to help you relax, clear your mind, and feel less stressed.


Exercise in any form will get the blood pumping and can provide an excellent way to blow off some steam. Want some quick, easy exercises to do in the comfort of your own home? Click here.

Soaking in the bath

A relaxing bath can help soak your muscles and get rid of some physical tension.

Stimulate your mind by bringing a book into the bath with you. This gives you something else to focus on and you drift off into another world. Or, get out of the bath and just read elsewhere. For me, it's way more effective at clearing your head.

How do you clear your mind? Let us know below!


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