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3 tips on keeping your business running during isolation

Business owners all over the world are struggling. Not only has the coronavirus affected their work with clients and customers, it has forced them to work from home too. Of course, there are those who work from home anyway, but even they are struggling to maintain a client base during this uncertain time.

If you're reading and relating to this, panic may have set in.

Here are some of the things that will keep your business alive during this period.

#1: Set yourself up with a virtual address

Many home-based business owners use virtual services to add the professional touch, as a virtual address looks better on paper and email than a home address. But if you're somebody who works outside of the home, you might consider a virtual address during this period. Not only will you maintain an air of professionalism in business when dealing with new clients, but you will also have the benefit of 24/7 receptionists for your business, which is perfect if you need that extra assistance to run your business at the moment.

#2: Use your time at home profitably

Now isn't the time to sit back with Netflix or Facebook. Now isn't the time to spend longer hours in bed. Despite the upheaval in your life, you should still be proactive each day, and do things that will one day profit your business. So, spend time each day trying to source new clients and use your usual marketing channels to try to reach them.

Get in touch with your existing customers and remind them that your business still exists. Sell your products from home if you don't already do so, and perhaps offer discounts on them to those customers who are currently struggling financially.

And take the time you have to work on your website, perhaps by updating the design and fixing any faults, such as those that lie with your website navigation. By taking such steps, you might be able to keep your business alive, even if your regular activities have been upended.

#3: Work with your employees

Your employees are probably feeling incredibly displaced at the moment, and most likely, fearing for their job security. Stay in touch with them regularly, as you need them to keep your business going, if not now, then after lockdown is over. If your operations are able to continue at the moment, then set yourself and your employees up with those tech tools that are useful for remote working. Check in with them daily to make sure they know what their work schedule is for each day. Encourage your employees, because now is the time to put their minds at rest about the future of their jobs. Show them what you're doing to find new clients, and work with them to discuss ways in which you can all keep your business going.


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