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Why you don't need an interior designer to create your ideal home

You don't necessarily need an interior designer when you're trying to create your ideal home. If you can't afford the expense, don't sweat it. Instead, focus your efforts on what you can do to fulfill your dreams of interior nirvana, spending your hard earned money on other things, such as objects to beautify your home and expert professionals who may be better with renovation projects than you are.

So, when thinking about your ideal home, you might want to…

Consider your needs: An interior designer will spend time getting to know you and what you want in your home, but you may well be swayed by their own ideas in the process. As you know yourself better than anybody, you are free to put your own stamp on your home according to your personal needs. You might want to create an area of your home so you have more time to yourself, for example, with a quiet nook consisting of those items that will further your downtime, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your home.

You might want to convert a room in your home for a specific purpose, such as a home office or a games room. You can get ideas for any of these things online, without paying somebody else the privilege of designing it for you! Pinterest is a great place to search for and save some inspirational images.

Mix things up a little: Not everything has to match, so don't be afraid to mix your decor styles when working on each room in your home. Think about the textures and materials that you find aesthetically pleasing, and then use these practical tips to give your home that designer touch, without the expense of a design professional.

Remember that it's your ideal home, opting for those items and styles that will bring you happiness and contentment, regardless of the opinion of others.

Add some statement pieces: An attractive statement piece will naturally bring life to your home, without the expense of many other objects around it. Splash out on those things that will act as focal points, such as these wonderful custom dining tables, or a piece of wall art that is sure to catch the eye. Provided the pieces you acquire fit in well with your surroundings, you can bring character to any room in your home without 'how to' advice from an interior design professional.

Do something meaningful: Your home should be reflective of who you are, and not other people, so decorate your home in a way that has meaning to you. You might want to decorate with colors that you love, add family heirlooms to your decor, and create spaces that reflect your favorite hobbies and pursuits. When you have added those things that can be considered meaningful to both your personal tastes and your overall life, then you are one step closer to living in what should be your ideal home.


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