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Why Perth is on my travel bucket list

After recently returning from an incredible trip in the USA, the question now is, where to next?

Americans have a fascination with Australia and I realised while being there that I really haven't got much to report from my own backyard. I've talked before about places like Sydney and Melbourne; but what about a place like Perth? It can be pretty underrated as a city, as the aforementioned cities are the usual tourist spots.

So why visit Perth? Here are some of the top reasons it's on my travel bucket list.

The Great Outdoors

If you like to hike, then Perth has that for you. If you like beaches, then Perth has that for you too; you can get the best of both worlds. For instance, Kings Park is a huge park that is over 400 hectares in size. It is one of the largest city parks in the world, and it gives you some great views over the city and the river. There are grassy areas, treetop walks, indigenous tours, and just generally a great place to walk and to hike.

If the outdoors to you means the beach, then you are spoilt for choice. Getting around doesn't have to be costly either. You could find Perth's cheapest car hire so that you can drive from one spot to another.

However, one of the most famous beaches has got to be Cottesloe Beach. It is a short drive out of the city to get there, but with the crystal clear waters and lovely sandy beach, it looks like a great spot to relax.


To the people of Australia, the sunsets of Perth are legendary. They are over the Indian ocean, and are really a treat. When the sun sets over the sea, it really is breathtaking, especially as you see the vast sea stretching out in front of you. Spots in Cottesloe are meant to be the best for some uninterrupted sunset viewing.

Cottlesloe Beach
Cottlesloe Beach


Australia is known as being a pretty hot country with sunshine for days; but what is the climate like in Perth? Perth is actually the city in Australia that gets the most hours of sunshine compared to any other city in the country. Being on the west means that there is plenty of sun, and temperatures pretty high all year round. For me being from Melbourne, it could be the perfect place to escape during Winter for some sun.

Exercise Environment

Although you can visit Perth to rest and relax, it is one of those places that is just made for walking. The city itself is a great spot for walking tours, as it is pretty flat and have some lovely wide streets.

Some of the top hikes and walking trails are said to be at Rottnest Island, Swan Valley and Rockingham.

The Accommodation

Crown Towers hotel in Perth would be a top pick for me. Crown is known for luxury and the Perth hotel has received rave reviews. And just look at the pool!

Other hotels of interest are Hougoumont Fremantle, Pan Pacific Perth and Fraser Suites.

What are your top tips for an incredible visit to Perth?


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