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Want to be a hairdresser? Demi International shares how you can make your dream a reality

how to become a hairdresser

So you want to be a hairdresser. You’ve got an eye for style and the gift of the gab (let’s be real: hairdressers get their client’s life stories) and you’re keen to kickstart your career.

Before you pick up the scissors, you’ll need to get qualified. There are a couple of recognised qualifications in hairdressing. The qualification you need to become a hairdresser is the Certificate III in Hairdressing SHB30416.

Here's a bit more on what you can expect to learn:


The Certificate III in Hairdressing SHB30416 curriculum is designed to cover all areas you will be involved in when you are working as a qualified hairdresser. There are two pathways you can choose to complete the qualification. You can find employment with a qualified hairdresser and enter into an apprenticeship agreement or you can study full-time. The length of time it will take to complete your course will be different for each pathway. Whether you’re an apprentice or a full-time student, you’ll learn and complete the same nationally accredited units.

The units range from:

  •  Shampoo and basin services

  •  Identifying and treating hair and scalp conditions

  •  Cutting and designing hair cuts

  •  Braiding and Upstyling

  •  Colouring, Bleaching, Highlighting 

  •  Chemical Treatments

  •  Providing services to clients

  •  Retailing and stock control 


The length of your course will be different depending on the pathway you choose. 

Apprentices: You can expect to take 3 years of training to receive their qualification. Most of your training will be in-house at the salon that employs you. You will move through the levels as you gain the skills and knowledge in each area, your supervisor will decide when you are ready to move forward and an assessor from a Registered Training Organisation will meet with you to assess your knowledge and skills. 

Full-time: As a full-time student, you can complete your training in 72 weeks (18 months). Your training will be on campus and face-to-face for 6 x 10-week terms. At Demi International Hair Academy, we deliver the Certificate III in hairdressing SHB30416 in a customised boutique salon, open to the public. You work with us face-to-face two intensive training days a week. We also support apprentices through their journey. 

Financial Support

There are several options you can choose to help you pay for your course. At Demi International, we have partners who can offer personal loans for students and we have interest free payment plans for full-fee paying students. Our courses are also Centrelink approved, so Austudy and Abstudy are available for eligible students. If you are choosing the apprenticeship pathway and have employment you may be eligible for government funding under the User Choice Program and the Queensland Government's Free apprenticeships for under 21s program. 

Talk to us more about the different pathways and we will help you find the best option for you. 

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