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Top 5 nail trends for Spring & Summer

We get the top 5 nail trends from Emma Forrest, founder of Buff Nail Studios.

Clean Girl Nails (aka Rich Girl Nails)

This is a sheer, natural, perfectly manicured look - classically understated, wear with anything and offers the most subtle grow out of your colour to ensure your mani looks flawless longer.

This look lets the health of your nails shine through. Minimalist nails aren't going anywhere and at BUFF this is our signature.


Molten Metal nails

This has emerged off the back of Chrome nails, which have been trending a while now. However, this steps it up a notch with a 3D liquid metal look.

nail art inspiration


3D / Textural nails

Adding some dimension to your nails with the use of 3D gels they add a textural layered look.

buff nails Melbourne

This can also be a subtle way of adding a unique dimension to your nails or pack a punch with a bright colour highlight over a milky pink base.


Experiement with negative space

Nail art doesn't have to be all encompassing, this plays on a less is more approach. Think imperfect shapes, frames, soft abstract lines.

blue nails


Short, square nails

Long, almond shaped nails have been basking in the spotlight for a while and while they're not necessarily going anywhere, we're also seeing the return to shorter square nails (a renaissance is sweeping through celebs at the moment ).

short square nails

This is because shorter, squarer nails are wearable by everyone, they require less maintenance and lend themselves perfectly to a dramatic, bright pop of colour. There are variations of square - sharp square with crisp edge, a square with rounded edges, squoval for a rounder look.


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