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Top 5 Haircare Tips for Isolation from Revlon expert, Rhiannon Dimaria

Hairdresser, blonde specialist and Revlon Professionals ambassador, Rhiannon Dimaria shares her top 5 tips on caring for your hair in isolation.


As tempting as it is to pop your hair up in a topknot and leave it there for the duration of isolation, it's important to brush your hair daily. Just like your skin, your scalp needs regular exfoliation and protection.

Regular Brushing is a great way to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which is the first step to healthy, shiny hair.

If your hair is curly, and it’s impossible to brush your hair without ending up looking like a poodle, brushing pre-wash will loosen any build-up that has formed on the scalp and give your scalp that bit of stimulation that it needs.


This is the time to incorporate a bond treatment. I recommend Revlon Professional Bond Maintainer, which can be used one to three times a week.

Revlon bond maintainer
Rhiannon recommends using a bond maintainer 2-3 times a week

Apply to damp, unwashed hair and leave on for 45mins-1 hour - I usually do this before heading out for a walk or at-home workout, so I can wash it off in the shower post-workout! A bond treatment rebuilds and strengthens the internal structure of your hair, the stronger it is the better for your hairdresser when you can get to the salon! 


Freshen your colour with Revlon Professional Nutri-colour creme treatments.

They are risk-free, completely wash out after a few washes and double as a super shiny and softening treatment. Pair that with the 45-day Conditioning shampoo range, and your colour will be looking fresh for your lounge room! 

They both contain slight pigment for maintaining all kinds of colour. From blondes to reds to brunettes and darks all basis are covered. My favourite Nutri colour creme for creamy blondes is 1002, which is a soft lilac and removes brassy tones without building up and making the hair appear dull. 1003 will give your tresses a golden shimmer whereas balayage tones will love 931, 812 & 713. These are also great for blondes wanting to tone down until they can get back to the salon. 740 is the most popular for our coppers and reds!

There is a shade to suit everyone and they can be custom mixed to suit your tone by your Revlon Professional salon.

Use these once a week to keep your colour overall looking fresh and with the added shine and softness your healthy-looking hair will take the eye away from the roots!


Something worth thinking about, the air is getting cleaner from the world going on hold. Get rid of the pollution in your hair for good.

Coloured hair is more porous and prone to damage, When hair is damaged and porous, it’s susceptible soaking up everything in the air, specially lightened or blonde hair.

Air pollution can change the tone, dull the shine and give the hair a brassy, or lifeless look. Clarifying your hair with the deep cleansing shampoo will help remove build-up and take it back to a clean and vibrant state.

MAGN+T Anti-Pollution Micellar Cleanser
MAGN+T Anti-Pollution Micellar Cleanser

The MAGN+T Anti-Pollution Micellar Cleanser gently removes pollutants from the hair and scalp. It also helps remove mineral salts deposited by copper pipes. Followed with the restoring mask and daily shield one cycle of these will leave your hair shiny, nourished and pollution-free.

For brunettes and coppers/reds this leaves your hair feeling vibrant, lively and bright! The UV protection in the shield will help on the one-hour walks and helps fight off the frizz.


The number one thing that will prevent damage is laying off the heat.  With isolation being the perfect time to let your hair dry naturally, try out new products or styling techniques that you may have been too afraid of trying before.


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