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Three items you need to invest in at home

Let's face it: most of us live on a budget. We're in a generation that is unlikely to be able to afford their own homes and if we do, we're probably going to have had help from our parents.

Whether you're in your own home or renting and living on a budget, there's a few things worth investing in.

A comfortable mattress

As humans we spend a ridiculous amount of our lives in bed, so it makes no sense to try and make savings here. A cheap bed might feel comfortable at first, but will quickly start to dip under your body weight and open coil springs (that are usually found in cheaper mattresses) go squeaky and leave the bed feeling lumpy and uncomfortable. Some of the most popular beds on the market these days are ‘hybrids’ which combine good quality pocket springs with memory foam. This makes them supportive and long lasting, check out this website to find out more.

A high quality sofa or suite

The sofa (or three piece suite, depending on the size of your room) are such important pieces of furniture in the home. They’re a place where you can relax with your partner, family, friends and where guests will sit. It'll be where you enjoy movie nights and Netflix marathons. It’s where you’ll nap on the weekends or if you’re feeling unwell- and generally where you’ll spend most of your time at home while you’re not sleeping. Your best bet is to always buy the best quality you can afford. Again, cheaper models might look okay and feel comfy at first but they won't be built to the same standards. Reputable sofa companies will rigorously test their products, use the best materials and in most cases even offer a ten year guarantee.

Smart home devices

A smart home is the way forward. Using your phone or voice activated speaker, you can now adjust your heating and hot water, turn lights and sockets on and off around the home, even control your TV. Right now it feels really fun and futuristic, but it’s incredibly practical. For example, we’ve all had that moment of dread when we’re out wondering if we’ve left our hair straighteners on. Now, you can turn the plug socket off from anywhere in the world using your phone! No need to fumble around turning lights on when you come home with bags full of shopping, ask your voice activated speaker to turn on the lamp. It can sync up to CCTV cameras and much more, and is a great addition to any home.


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