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This hair styler will give you the volume you've been looking for

**This content is brought to you by Remington Australia but the results speak for themselves**

When it comes to hair, I've been blessed with a lot of it, but what I have seriously lacks volume. My hair often drops within hours of being styled so I'm always on the look out for stylers and products that will keep those curls in place.

Mind blowing, life altering and most importantly, volume inducing!

Here's how I get the best results from the PROluxe You Adaptive Styler.

1. Wash and condition hair with products that are specifically for fine hair. I use Kevin Murphy Angel.Rinse followed by the Plumping Wash.

2. Towel dry hair and then spray with a pre-styling/heat protecting spray.

3. Blow dry hair UPSIDE DOWN!

4. Section and style hair with the PROluxe You Adaptive styler. The smaller the section, the tight the curl, so it's up to you how you want to go here. I went for a tighter curl because I know my hair will drop.

5. Spray each section as you go with a strong hold but flexible spray like the Joico Body Shake Texturizing Finisher

6. Once you've completely styled your hair, leave it for AT LEAST 5 minutes before you gently comb through.

7. Go over any parts that have dropped or haven't curled quite right and use some hair spray again.

Remington PROluxe You Adaptive styler
Seriously amazing results!

Super easy. My hair held SO WELL with this technique using the PROluxe You Adaptive Styler.

Can you believe this was my hair before?!

Jordy Lucas hair
Life will never be the same

Head to for more information and to purchase your own styler!


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