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This celeb facialist shares her top tips for glowing skin

Sharon McGlinchey's MV Skincare bridges the gap between beauty therapy and complementary medicine and has garnered her fans by the likes of Emma Watson and Poppy Delevigne.

Sharon shares her tips to achieving glowing skin with She Does This

Having travelled the world as a facialist, I've been lucky enough to meet some amazing people. Most are initially surprised by my top 3 tips for healthy glowing skin but later feedback is always positive and - for some - life changing.

Tip 1 – STOP washing! Instead, master the art of compress cleansing

Swap out your foaming cleanser for a creamy cleanser and remove at the basin with a steamy compress cloth. The magic happens when you hold the cloth against your face for a long s-l-o-w count of 5 before wiping away. You then repeat twice more – ALWAYS taking a long slow and deep breath with each compress. This ensures you are sloughing away surface dead skin in the most relaxing and respectful way

imaginable. Oh, and the steam gives an impressive deep pore cleanse without stripping. 

Tip 2 – Protect your skin before showering

Pre Shower - Always smooth 2 drops of Jojoba Oil over freshly compress-cleansed skin. This protects facial skin from the sometimes harsh and drying effects of water.

Essential for skin preservation no matter your age, your skin type or condition but especially important for those of us who are sensitive. Everyone is a winner with this simple tip!

Emma Watson MV skincare
Emma Watson carries MV Skincare Rose Hydrating mist in her handbag

Tip 3 – Don’t wear your moisturiser to bed!

Swap out your rich night cream for a beautiful treatment oil. A moisturiser is protective - think 'overcoat' I'm sure you'd never dream of going to bed in your overcoat - unless you lived in Siberia?! So remember, at night the skin LOVES to be treated and that's why over 20 years ago, after a light bulb moment, I created MV's Skin Boosters. They are super concentrated plant oil and essential oil blends rich in Omega's, vitamins and plant sterols – health food for your skin from the outside in. It just made so much sense to use pure organic oils and some of the world's purest essential oils because what we apply to our skin really does matter, and for me, healthy ingredients equals healthy skin.    

Inspired by a client's severe skin reaction and years ahead of the green beauty craze, the MV Skintherapy range specialises in skin sensitivty, rosacea, eczema, PCOS and hormonal conditions.


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