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The essentials you need for your next dinner party

As the weather warms up & COVID restrictions ease, it's time to reconnect with friends. And what better way than to throw a dinner party? A study revealed that about 56% of millennials attend or host at least 1 dinner party every month (in normal times), so here are the essentials you need to make your next party a success

A drink on arrival

Who doesn't love being handed a glass of wine upon arrival? Pair this with a cheese board for your guests to graze off and you've got the night off to a swinging start.

A planned menu

Planning your menu is perhaps the most crucial part of your dinner party preparations. For a party of 5, think about a light appetizer or two, a substantial main dish, two side dishes, dessert, and some healthy snacks.
Impress your guests by serving a fresh seafood platter

This time of year is perfect for seafood lovers so order some fresh prawns and oysters to make a delightful seafood platter.


Bring out your best cutlery & crockery for your guests.

Create the ambiance & enjoy

Most top chefs agree that where people eat is as important as what they eat. Put the effort into setting a great environment that will significantly improve your guests’ dining experience. Why not make your kitchen both fun and functional with a smart home device to conveniently play music and take requests from the rest of the family, remind you of the next step in the recipe, set a timer or even order more

groceries for you - all without needing to step away from the cooking.

After the cooking is done, ask Google to play your favourite music and enjoy the night!

What are your top tips for an amazing dinner party? Share with us below!


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