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The beauty trend you've been wasting your money on

Sheet masks, hyaluronic serums and collagen powders are just some of the beauty trends we've seen in recent times. While some are the real deal for amazing skin, Paula Begoun, founder of Paula's Choice, has set the record straight on what she believes is the biggest waste of money:

The Jade Roller

"There is no research saying they work. When you see skin move, you are sagging it. The elastane fibres in skin that allow it to bounce back are just like rubber bands. If you keep pulling the band it stretches and eventually breaks", said Paula.

do jade rollers work

*bins jade roller immediately*

Instead of investing in a Jade Roller or Gua Sha set Paula recommends the following for better skin:

paulas choice retinol
Paula suggests investing in skin repairing products

  1. Sunscreen. All day, everyday. The sun is responsible for 70-90% of skin concerns

  2. A diet rich in antioxidants as well as antioxidant rich skincare to reduce inflammation

  3. Skin repairing ingredients such as retinol and peptides

  4. Avoiding essential oils and fragranced skin care

What beauty trend are you loving right now? Need us to bust a skin myth for you?

Let us know!


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