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Tegan Martin's top tips for a restful nights sleep

Former Miss Universe Australia and media personality, Tegan Martin shares her top 5 tips for a restful nights sleep

Tegan Martin Rochway
Tegan shares her top tips for sleep

1- Turn the lights off!

I always black out my room entirely before bed, even if there is a small bit of light peeking through I use something to block it out to ensure my room is pitch black all night long! I also wear a silk eye mask which means there is no chance of any artificial light getting in.

2- No television or smartphone

I love to read a book instead of watch tv for 2hrs before bed, I do this while sipping on a hot chamomile tea! Now I am certainly not perfect with this one but I do try, particularly when I have a busy/stressful period of work. I like to ditch my kindle or ipad and purchase a hard copy books to dive into the old school way! I truly think I get a better nights deep sleep when I have had screen free time for a few hours before bed.

3- Take 20mL of Rochway Beauty Sleep

rochway beauty sleep
Tegan takes 20ml of Rochway Beauty Sleep

I take this 2.5hrs before bed to wind me into calm mode, this product has been a game changer for me! I love that it is safe to take every night and the natural herbs in it like valerian and hops make a noticeable difference in how my body winds down.

It works wonders in switching me out of work mode and makes me calm and sleepy before bed.

When I've taken this product to wind down I hit the pillow and fall straight sleep (no overthinking or stressing about what I didn't get done that day), it also gives me a deeper sleep which has me waking up feeling recharged and less lethargic when my alarm goes off the next morning.

4- Turn off wifi!

I like to minimize electromagnetic frequencies (EMFS) at night by turning off my wifi and keeping my phone and laptop away from my bed. Keeping my phone outside the room also helps me switch off, as my phone is one of the things that I correlate with stress so keeping it out of site and forgetting about it altogether is important for my nightly reset.

5- Apply my trusty Breathe Right strips!

These are another secret sleep weapon of mine, they help me to have an amazing night's sleep! They stick onto my nose and lift open the nostrils which helps open up the nasal passages for up to 31% more airflow. More oxygen equals a better sleep!


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