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Tammy Christina shares her tips for boosting your confidence

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Tammy Christina shares her tips for boosting your confidence

A lack of confidence can be experienced at any point in life- whether it's on a first date, at a job interview, a special event or even just within yourself. Confidence isn't something we're born with - it's a characteristic we learn, practice and build on.

Red Carpet Reporter, Lifestyle Content Creator and SmileDirectClub’s Australian Confidence Council member Tammy Christina brings tips and advice to those who may be having difficulty building their confidence.

1. If looks could kill

The day starts with how you present yourself, so prioritise wearing what you feel comfortable and confident in. After you wake up, changing into a fresh outfit you feel great in will set the tone of your day. In the era of working from home this may seem difficult, but I promise it will help you feel like you are in control of the day, confident and ready to take on anything!

2. Show those pearly whites

A smile is extremely powerful in looking and feeling your most confident. 2022 research from SmileDirectClub found that Australian’s believe that people who smile at them are welcoming (62%), warm (31%), and confident (29%).

If you aren't happy with your smile, its’ never too late to make improvements! Research has also revealed a new smile would give 23% of Aussies a confidence boost, and inspire them to make other positive life changes. So, it’s safe to say, a new smile could be life changing for many.

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3. Activate your activity

Getting your daily 10,000 steps in is guaranteed to make you feel active and healthier, which in turn plays a part in building your confidence. Exercise also releases endorphins which make you happy and smile more, and we all know how important a smile is in confidence!

Your mood is directly related to your actions. The more you flex your smile muscles, the more chemicals your brain releases, and the happier you are.

4. Healthy habits are key

Creating healthy habits make you feel like you have control on your life, which in turn will positively impact your confidence. Whether it be gratitude journaling, a consistent skincare routine, healthy eating or meditation - doing things that make you feel good will significantly impact your happiness, and your confidence will follow.

5. It's your day, your month, your year

It’s 2022 - now is not the time to be afraid of making decisions that are best for you.

Believe in the power of your own destiny, the power to change your life how you want and your confidence will follow. If you see someone you like, tell them! If you see a job promotion you want, vocalise it! When you start believing in the power of you, you will become your most confident self.


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