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Take a deep breath with Philosophy Skincare

Jordy shares a review of the Philosophy skincare range

philosophy skin care

Almost every woman suffers with some sort of skin condition at one stage of their life. If you haven’t, consider yourself some kind of unicorn.

My problem? Perioral Dermatitis. My skin is extremely sensitive and can flare up when I use the wrong products so I’m SUPER careful with my choices.

ENTER, Philosophy Skin Care. I’ve trialed several of their products for my skin care regime that are gentle enough on my skin but also thoroughly cleanse and hydrate it.

Philosophy Skincare was also founded by cosmetic entrepreneur, Cristina Carlino. She has a pretty amazing story which you can read here.

Start your cleansing with the purity made simple wipes. Pretty similar to most cleansing wipes on the market but don’t contain any nasties. Not heavily scented either. I’ve never understood why so many brands use fragrances with cleansing products! So unnecessary. These also come in a liquid facial cleanser from Sephora

Suffering from perioral dermititis, excess oils are a no-no for me. This oxygenating cream is OIL FREE AND LIGHTWEIGHT! With added green tea extract, the cream smells divine. I’ve been using this twice a day, even under makeup. Available for purchase at Sephora

Eyeliner and mascara are part of my every day make up look which often leaves my under eyes dry. This gel is great for that and has a cooling effect which I love. A little bit goes a long way too! I don’t suffer from dark eye circles but the caffeine in this gel should help with that too. Available from Sephora

Give yourself a quick spritz of this magical elixir and you’re set. Subtle yet striking floral scents that are feminine and long lasting. Perfect idea as a gift too with the beautiful packaging!

philosophy renewed hope in a jar

This hydrating mist is a god send when you need a pick me up in the day. Hydrating and smells divine! I also sprayed this over make up with no problems. The care instructions mention that this product may increase your chances of being sunburned so just be careful with that. All in all, a new favourite of mine that comes with me everywhere.


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