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Skincare during pregnancy with Clinica Lase

skincare during pregnancy

Clinica lase is a leading skin and laser clinic with a loyal clientele in both Melbourne and Ballarat, Victoria.

And for good reason!

Owner of Clinica lase, Crystal Patel shared her top tips for safe skincare during pregnancy with She Does This.

1. How does a woman's skin change during pregnancy?

During pregnancy many women will notice changes in their skin. This is due to a number of things that are happening within the body that will be experienced differently by each individual. In clinic, the biggest concern we are presented with during pregnancy is breakouts, acne and dry skin.

green vegetables
Crystal suggests a diet rich in green leafy vegetables & fruits

Due to a change in hormones, some women will experience varying levels of acne and dryness, usually in the first 1-2 trimesters. To combat this we recommend maintaining a healthy diet including lots of plant based foods like green veggies and fruit (with the skin on is always best). We also recommend having regular skin treatments and using Cosmeceutical grade home care that has been prescribed by a professional.

Lastly, taking it easy is very important as stress can be a big contributor to acne, so don’t be too hard on yourself and give your body ample time to relax, it’s in the process of creating a little human!

2. What products/ingredients/treatments are NOT considered safe for pregnant women?

The products we suggest our pregnant clients avoid are BHA’s and Vitamin A, although there is no

conclusive research to say they can harm your unborn baby. In saying this, if you were using these products before you found out you were pregnant and are worried you could have caused damage in the early days, don’t panic! In order for these ingredients to have any adverse effects you would have to be using them in much higher quantities than what you would find in your skincare. As a precaution though, until you have finished breastfeeding we suggest steering clear of these two ingredients.

3. What are the treatments available at Clinica Lase for pregnant women?

We have lots of options for our Mumma’s-to-be at Clinica Lase which include:

  • Epiblading

  • LED light therapy

  • Oxygen Facials

  • Medi-Facials

  • Chemical Peels (selected peels but still a very large range)

epi blading melbourne
Epi blading at Clinica Lase

4. Why is LED therapy considered safe only after the first trimester?

Whilst there is no evidence to suggest LED treatments pose any danger to an unborn child, we usually don’t advise it during the first trimester simply as a precautionary measure during this very important phase of pregnancy. For the remainder of your pregnancy, LED treatments are a perfect way to relax, recharge and is especially good for those with acne since being pregnant rules many of our go-to treatments like lasers and skin needling.

5. Finally, what would your top skin tip be for pregnant women wanting to look after their skin?

Our top tip would be ensuring you are having 4-6 weekly treatments in-clinic. Once your baby arrives you’re unlikely to be able to find the time to visit the clinic regularly so it’s important to take the opportunity to get your skin in good condition before birth. It is also the perfect way to ensure you are keeping stress levels low and giving yourself some ‘me time.’ Once the baby is born we will have set you up with a home care plan tailored to your skin which means you can maintain results at home while looking after your newest addition.

Clinica Lase have clinics in Carlton, Melbourne & Ballarat, Victoria.

For more information or to book your appointment, head to their website or call 1300 513 913

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