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Skin care specialist to the stars, Jennifer Brodeur

Jennifer Brodeur

With a clientele that would make any dermal clinician jealous, Jennifer Brodeur is certainly one of the biggest power players in skin care. Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama are just two of her regular clients.

Let me say that again...OPRAH WINFREY AND MICHELLE OBAMA. I'll just let that sink in...

Jennifer is not only a skin therapist and strategist, she also treats her clients with the LED light that SHE created, MAX+.

Jennifer recently toured Australia with Dermaviduals and She Does This was lucky enough to get 5 minutes of her time to chat entrepreneur life and how to achieve flawless skin with LED light therapy.

You’ve had such a successful career so far, how did you get your start in skin care?

I was actually set to go to Law School! It just wasn’t for me so I changed to a Bachelor of Teaching in Chemistry and Biology. I just remember in my teaching days how I would correlate the curriculum to skin. It has always been a fascination of mine.

Launching the Max+ LED light was pivotal for my career. My background in science combined with my passion for skin was what drove me to create that device, and it changed my life!

I just had this gut feeling that we needed to take it to Los Angeles. I initially wanted to be an educator. My vision was that I’d sell the Max+ to clinics/salons and educate the clinicians on how to treat skin.

You have the most incredible clientele, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama are two of the most influential women in the world, how did you forge these relationships?

It was during my time in Los Angeles that someone in Oprah Winfrey’s team caught wind of my work. I got call asking if I would consult and I’ve stuck with Oprah for the last 7 years!

oprah skin

In 2016, Oprah spoke openly about our working relationship, which is when things progressed to a whole new level. She also introduced me to Michelle Obama.

Jennifer Brodeur and Michelle Obama

You’re so passionate about women’s empowerment through education, what is it like have a clientele so aligned with these values?

Never in my wildest dreams did I think it was possible to be working with such inspirational women. I’m a huge believer in manifestation and I truly believe you get what you ask the universe for.

It’s so motivating to have conversations with women like Oprah and Michelle. Women who are clever, empowering and graceful. Women who stand up and demand a seat at the table and encourage others to do so.

These women want more and are prepared to disturb the status quo to get it.

So, let’s talk skin. Obviously you were recently in Australia talking about your LED MAX machine, what are the benefits of using LED light therapy?

LED therapy can treat such a wide variety of skin problems, depending on the wavelength being used. Inflammation, blemishes, wrinkles and aging. Even though I truly believe that aging is a privilege, it can freshen up mature skin.

max plus led

Aside from treatments and products, what are your top tips for amazing skin?

Most women don’t get enough sleep which really affects the skin, so that’s the first thing I advise.

Be mindful of what you’re eating, making sure you’re feeding your body with the nutrients it needs. Consulting with a naturopath is always helpful for this.

You were touring Australia and New Zealand with Dermaviduals, what inspired this partnership?

Simone, one of the Managing Directors of Dermaviduals is a dear friend of mine. I met her over ten years ago at a class I was teaching. She’s always been very ahead of her time in terms of skin care products, and sees the value of non-invasive treatments. I call her Max’s Fairy Godmother!

You’ve achieved so much and inspired so many, what’s next?!

I love that you ask that! Because I’m just getting started. I have so many more women to educate and impact. I also have a few more dream clients such as Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lawrence that I’d love to work with!

Ultimately, I want the women I meet to feel empowered.

This is our life, our skin and our choice.

jennifer broduer


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