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Six Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Living Room This Spring

Spring is such a fun season to clean out your living room and give it a complete style refresh.

In the coming weeks, flowers will be in full bloom and the sun will be out - and there is no better time to bring all that great energy into your home.

Here are some tips to inspire a fresh new look in your living room:

1. Start by eliminating all clutter and colours, so you can start with a clean, neutral base.

woven storage baskets

Use woven baskets to add texture to the room and tidy belongings that you use day to day – including kids’ toys, throws and magazines.

2. Rearrange your furniture to change things up

Consider freshening up pieces that may need a facelift! You could try painting or staining an old coffee table, or if your budget allows, purchase a new one! Don’t forget to use your new table to display a vase and fresh flowers.

3. Clean your windows and let in as much light as possible!

If you have heavy blinds, consider installing sheer curtains, and if privacy is an issue, consider tinting your windows so no one can see inside and you can enjoy the sun all day long.

4. Replace your cushion covers (and keep your current ones to rotate them every season).

adairs pink cushion

If bright colours aren’t your thing, consider different patterns, textures and colours that are calming but still refreshing – like florals, olive green and softs pinks.

5. Indoor plants are a perfect option to bring new life to your living room.

The fiddle leaf tree is a favourite and offers bright lush green leaves, or you may be more inclined to try an olive tree, that boasts light foliage and gives tranquil vibes.

If you are completely against the maintenance of looking after plants – try a good quality faux tree!

6. Create a feature wall

If you’re willing to get hands on and go that extra step for a complete refresh, but without breaking the bank – create a feature wall. Consider the James Hardie 'HardieGroove' lining, which gives you the look and feel of timber panels but the durability of fibre cement. It is both affordable and easy to assemble over plaster.

hardiegroove lining
The 'HardieGroove' lining gives the look of timber panels

Don’t be afraid to paint over it with colour, you can always paint it again when you need another refresh!


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