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Simplify, Structure and Succeed in your home!

Cleaning out your home, and keeping it simple and structured, can move you forward with a clear mind and give you space to set and achieve all your goals.


Decluttering is the first place to start. If a big clean out completely overwhelms you, start with committing to one room per week, or even one drawer or cupboard per day – whatever suits your schedule best. As a rule of thumb, aim to throw out anything you haven’t worn or used in 2 years. Also clean out your fridge and bathroom cabinets and purge any out-of-date products.

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pantry labels
Labels help keep your pantry organised

It’s difficult to organise your home successfully without the right tools.

Get online and look into storage options that will help you arrange all your belongings.

A few retail stores to check out include Kmart for woven baskets, Ikea for larger storage options and Little Label Co for labels and clear acrylic containers for your pantry.

Try to keep all your storage options in a similar material or colour, which can look both aesthetically pleasing, as well as simple and clean.


To be able to enjoy your new, clean and organised home in the long term, maintenance is key. Diarise maintenance days, this may be weekly or monthly, to go through rooms and ensure you are keeping on top of your newly structured home. Stick a monthly planner on your fridge or your desk, to remind you to keep your home organised and help you view it as an ongoing habit.

Now use your clean space and clear mind to focus on achieving your life goals!


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