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Simple accessorising tips to lift your look

So you've got your summer wardrobe essentials and your winter woolies that make up your wardrobe staples, but what about the accessories that lift the look? The right accessories can really make any outfit, so here's our top tips for day and night time accessorising.

Daytime accessories

Whether it's a hot Summer's day or the glare is shining through those Winter clouds, a pair of killer sunglasses is a must. When you’re picking sunglasses, you need to consider your face shape and find ones that are flattering.

A nice hat is a good idea as well, just make sure you match one to your skin tone. If you’ve got fairly light skin, you shouldn’t wear a light coloured hat because it will make your face look too pale. Light brown and tan hats work well with all skin tones so if you’re unsure, they’re always a safe bet.

Jewellery is a big part of accessorizing in the summer as well, so you should experiment with bold statement pieces. Get yourself some nice bangles from somewhere like Opals Australia and layer them up.

Nighttime accessories

In the evenings, you can still go for a fairly casual look during the summer, but it’s going to be cooler so you’ll need a few more layers. A nice scarf or pashmina makes the perfect evening accessory in the summer because you can drape it over your shoulders if you get cold but it’s easily removed. A denim jacket is also a must for a casual evening look.

If you’re attending a more formal event, a lot of the statement jewellery that you were wearing during the day doesn’t really work. Instead, you should go for something that still has a lot of colour, but tone it down a bit and wear something more streamlined, like a simple necklace or a single bracelet rather than layering them up.


Cross body bags can lift any day or night time look. Colette have an affordable range which means you can stock up on colours so you have one for every outfit!


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