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Sick of Feeling Stressed? Five Steps to Get Back on Track

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It’s our emotions and ability to feel things- good and bad- that makes us human. And stress is just one of those things, it’s something we all have to deal with from time to time. But if your stress has been ongoing for some time and you can’t pinpoint exactly why, it could be worth making some positive changes in your life.

Here are five manageable things you can try to work out the cause of your stress, and then do something about it.

Evaluate your relationships

The relationship we have with our partner is so important. They’re you’re life partner, your best friend, the mother or father to your children. You need someone who's supportive of you, who can cheer you up when you’re down and generally helps you to be the best version of yourself. If you’re unhappy in your relationship there’s no doubt you’ll be feeling considerable stress. While no two people are perfect and relationships do need to be worked at to survive, if you’re constantly down and no longer feel that things are right then it might be worth re-evaluating. Have you grown apart? Do you want different things? Do you argue all the time?

In some cases, as painful as it is to break up, it’s the best option in the long run. It’s something to consider if your stress levels are up, and the person you’re with either adds to them or does nothing to help you feel better. You might just need a good honest chat to get things where they need to be, or you might need to speak to a couples counsellor.

Declutter your house

Home is where the heart is, it’s your safe space- a place to recuperate from whatever the world throws at you. So it makes sense that it should be comfortable and relaxing, a place you really enjoy spending time and that helps you to recover. If your home is chaotic, it'll be affecting your mental health. Even if you think mess doesn't bother you, research shows that it affects us on an unconscious level. A messy home does equal more stress, it can even affect sleep. Declutter your home, throw away what you no longer need.

Get organised with your money

Are your finances all over the place? Maybe you have bills coming out on different dates, you might be in debt or perhaps you don’t have any savings as a buffer. If you constantly spend more than you earn then this too is a huge problem. Money can be stressful, if you don’t have enough of it you will have bill companies harassing you and your landlord knocking at your door. If you're having money problems, speak to a debt charity or a debt management company.

Otherwise, do what you can to be more organised. Set up a bank account that's just for bills and set everything to come out direct debit. That way, every time you get paid you can transfer a set amount in each week/ month and everything takes care of itself. There’s no risk of spending back into the money as it’s separate from your main account. Having a savings buffer can be so helpful if you’re faced with an unexpected bill or expense, so aim to have at least a few hundred tucked away in a savings account.

Give your self esteem a boost

The way you look really does affect the way that you feel. If you feel you’re not looking your best, it can quickly lead to insecurity- you might be more reserved, you might stop going out as much or taking up new opportunities. It’s far from being vain, it’s all about self confidence and self esteem, so it’s important to do what you can to get this back. Hit the gym and start eating healthily to see positive changes in your body and the way your clothes fit. Go to the hairdresser and try a new cut and colour, go on Youtube and practice some new makeup looks. You could give your wardrobe a refresh with a few new items that fit you well and make you feel great. If your issues are more deep routed, you could consider a cosmetic procedure to give your confidence a boost. Start wearing high heels to give you a powerful walk, make your legs look slimmer and give you height! There are even shoes out there these days that can make men look taller! Check out these Jennen height increasing shoes! Sometimes a small change in your appearance is all you need to give you a boost and start feeling like ‘yourself’ again.

Speak to your GP

If your stress has been going on for a while and nothing is seeming to help, it’s so worth speaking to your GP. Mental health conditions like depression and anxiety are common, and often present themselves as feelings of stress. Medication, therapy or a combination of the two can get you back to where you need to be.


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