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Self-Love Queen, Ash Paraskevas shares 5 tips for going plant-based

We’re a little way into 2022, so it’s time to start testing those wellness goals and really make sure you're actioning some change to create healthy habits.

If, like me, you’re partaking in the annual Veganuary challenge, I hope you’re feeling the plant power already! It’s not too late to switch up your meal plan for the month, which is why I wanted to share some helpful hacks for going green.

The move to a plant-based diet can feel quite daunting to begin with, so here’s what worked for me:

Find Your Motivation.

As with any challenge, you have to hone in on the reason ‘why’. Let this be your key source of motivation for staying on track and seeing it through. Whether you’re looking to eat healthier , get more experimental in the kitchen, reduce your household meat consumption, or lessen your environmental footprint (FIY these are just some of the positive benefits of going plant-based), anything that excites you to keep going is great! I recommend writing it down and popping it somewhere visible as a constant reminder - the fridge, your diary, whatever works.

Don’t Restrict, Replace!

Swap out some of your favourite processed or animal-based foods for a healthier alternative. For starters, to veganise your meals, you could use avocado instead of butter, and marinate tofu instead of chicken. These days there are a plethora of products in local supermarkets that make for any easy switch. The likes of impossible burgers and beyond meats mean you don’t have to miss out on the flavour of things you love, you’re just reintroducing it into your diet with some extra plants and legumes.

Be Prepared For On-The-Go.

It’s one thing to eat plant-based at home, but when the hunger hits and you’re out and about, food choices admittedly get quite tricky. I’m a serial snacker, so lately I’ve been carrying Soulara bliss balls and cold pressed juices with me while running errands, they are an absolute lifesaver! If it’s between work and life that you’re looking to find balance too, their meal plans offer that extra level of convenience, having something you know is nutritious, pre-portioned, and ready to eat whenever you need.

Ash Paraskevas Soulara
Ash suggests being prepared with Soulara

Keep It Fun!

Once you’ve dabbled in plant-based eating, and tried to create new versions of your favourite meals, you can take it one step further. There are quite a few dishes that you’ve never even heard of, and foods you haven’t tried. During your next grocery shop I encourage you to take a real look at all the fruit and veg on display as well as the lentils, grains, and nuts. Choose a few that look interesting to you and get cooking!

Be Inspired

Always, always browse the internet for ideas and trends, plant-based eating never has to be boring. There are so many vegan foodies and plant-based content creators on Instagram that you wind up having a recipe book in your fingertips.

Find your green thumb and join me on this journey

Ash Paraskevas is an Influencer, activist and brand ambassador for Soulara.


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