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Sarah Boulazeris talks love, pregnancy and balance.

Jordy catches up with Sarah Smith to talk about love, pregnancy and maintaining balance.

How much of a surprise was it when Kris dropped on one knee?

Thank you so much! After a busy year, coming out of lockdown and actually getting to celebrate our daughter Frankie’s 1st birthday with our family and friends, the last thing I was expecting Kris to do was propose – but it couldn’t have been a more perfect moment! He completely took me by surprise.

Model, Kris Smith surprised Sarah by proposing at their daughters first birthday
Kris surprised Sarah by proposing at their daughters 1st birthday

So taking it back a bit, where did your passion for health and fitness start?

I have always been active and into sports growing up. I chose to turn my love for health and fitness into a career. It’s one of the only things that I ensure I keep consistent in the craziness of my day to day life.

I love pushing myself, whether that is to be stronger in the gym, or running that extra km, there’s never a workout I regret doing - it just helps to set me up for my day in a positive mindset and boost my energy!

How did your relationship with your body change through pregnancy and beyond?

Being pregnant is one of the most incredible things the female body is capable of, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to accept all the things that change during that time. I definitely went through highs and lows, I kept up a pretty consistent exercise schedule during my pregnancies and nourished my body and bump with good foods which helped with my overall mindset and energy levels.

Sarah Boulazeris pregnant
Sarah maintained an exercise schedule through her pregnanies

But everyone is different and it’s really important to try not and compare yourself to other women and their pregnancies. Listen to your body, do what’s right for you and try not to be too hard on yourself during or after giving birth.

This is a particularly frantic time of year, what are some of your tips for maintaining balance?

It’s definitely been a chaotic year, and now with restrictions easing and Christmas just around the corner, it hasn’t slowed down.

Kris and I developed a 28 day program specifically designed to help Aussies stay energised by balancing their work, family life and personal wellbeing.

We came up with five tips that are designed to help Aussie workers stay more alert and motivated, things like; taking 30 minutes away from your desk every day, taking time out during the week to do something you're passionate about, and taking a clinically proven vitamin supplement, like Berocca everyday. The simple guide was designed to be easy to follow so that all Aussies can experience the benefits after a month.

We ran three Aussie workers through the program (here), and watching them discover the benefits of leading a more active and balanced life was so awesome.

Our top tips to stay energised and alert at work are:

  • DESK DETACH Commit to a minimum of 30 minutes away from the desk or work environment every day. And while you’re at it, add in some exercise! It doesn’t have to be extreme – an at home bodyweight workout, fitness class, or even brisk walk outside can do the trick.

  • BACK IN 60 SECONDS: Our work day can be full of action, but we often miss out on time to reset and re-energise. Challenge yourself to set aside 60 seconds every hour to clear the mind and refocus your mental energy.

  • FOOD FOR (WORK) THOUGHT: Organise your meals each day. When we prepare and plan, we make better choices. If we focus on having a healthy balanced diet we can fuel a strong mental and physical output.

  • ZONE OUT: Set aside two slots of allocated time in your working week to do something you’re passionate about. Read a book, mediate, listen to your favourite podcast or watch a movie. As long as it inspires you (and isn’t work).

  • ENERGY BOOST: Many of us can use an additional energy boost. Clinically proven vitamin and mineral supplements, like Berocca Performance, are proven to enhance physical energy and mental sharpness when taken daily for 28 days.

Kris Smith & Sarah Boulazeris 28 day program
Couples who work together: Kris & Sarah developed the 28 day program with Berocca

Finally, what does 2021 hold for your family?!

This year we were really able to pause and appreciate the things we took for granted. I have two beautiful daughters, an amazing fiancé, a rewarding career, and my health and happiness. It can be easy to get sidetracked by little things that aren’t going to plan, but I hope in the new year I continue to take time to be present with the people I love.

Kris Smith Sarah Boulazeris daughters
Happy family: Sarah hopes for more quality time in 2020


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