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Vanessa from Restyle Closet

Love designer items but live on a budget?

Do you sell your pre-loved designer babies online but don’t want to pack and ship them yourself?


With a love of designer items, Restyle Closet founder Vanessa would invest in an item but then find herself using it less and less as time passed. She grew frustrated that there was no platform to easily sell her items. Knowing many women were wanting an easier online selling alternative, Vanessa began brainstorming ideas for how she could make this a reality. Leaving her full time job for Restyle Closet sure was a risk, but she says it’s been totally worth it.

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Vanessa, founder of Restyle Closet

I sat down with Vanessa to hear more about her plans to completely shake up the online shop/sell experience.

SDT: What were you doing prior to starting Restyle Closet?

V: I was always geared towards working in the financial services industry. My degree was in Banking & Finance, and I was holding positions in banking & risk management.

SDT: What sparked the idea for the business? Were you always working in the fashion industry?

V: I’ve always had a sense of style and a love for quality fashion. I would covet the latest statement bags and shoes and owned a few pieces myself. A few bags in, I realised that I wasn’t using all of them and that it was such a waste after spending so much on them.

I wanted to sell them and earn back the money I spent. These bags aren’t cheap – you’re paying for quality. But I just never got around to it…I then realised I could help so many other women in my situation.

Why not create a safe, hassle-free platform to help people sell their designer items – without having to leave their home? They can go on with their busy schedules, and still earn back literally thousands spent on these items, especially if they just remain in your closet. Restyle Closet fits your schedule, not the other way around. What we aim to do is simplify the sales process so that anyone can do it, even if you don’t have the time, or simply if you wanted to spend the time in other ways.

SDT: For those who aren’t familiar with the site? Can you explain the buying & selling process?

V: Restyle Closet is an integrated marketplace that allows customers to SHOP and SELL their favourite brands. Buying is as simple as any e-commerce platform. We also have enhanced security, so your payments are always final before the item is sent Most secondhand sales work fantastically and give you access to amazing fashion at reduced prices. For the odd instance that you’re dealing with a bad transaction, we’ve still got you covered.

Selling is a breeze on our platform. We understand the modern fashionista is busy, holds a full time job and has a busy social life. That’s why we make it easy to list in a few steps. Just click SELL and fill in a form with some pictures. When a sale goes through, we’ll even pick it up for you – no post office!

For those who don’t want to manage the sales themselves (I’m guilty of this myself!) we have Restyle Valet, where we help you list and sell the item – saving you heaps of time, yet letting you earn the CASH!

Let’s face it, every girl probably has too many pairs of shoes, bags and apparel – we provide a simple alternative to clearing it out and getting a return back on it.

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SDT: Looking into the future, what are your dreams for the business?

V: My ultimate goal is to create an all-in-one fashion portal where we would unlock thousands of closets still left untouched, and increasing the supply of good quality designer at secondhand prices. Imagine how many fashionistas that would benefit! We could empower women with less spending power to dress how they want, on a safe portal they can trust and is ridiculously easy to use. Stylish individuals who own too much fashion apparel can finally earn back the thousands they have spent – without the hassle. We would also deliver bite-sized fashion advice to our customers, and guarantee that only the best quality brands and items are available on our site.

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SDT: What women inspire you?

V:  I particularly admire women have shown incredible dedication, perseverance and grit to get to where they are now, regardless of where they come from. Immediately Oprah Winfrey comes to mind, she came from incredibly humble beginnings. Yet she found her niche and is arguably the most successful woman in the world. It doesn’t end there though – she shows support for her friends and family, remains down-to-earth and finds ways to benefit society in her own ways. I think the most inspiring women are those who remain true to themselves. They also continue find ways to inspire others, even with a busy schedule and whole list of achievements already under their belt.

SDT: What advice do you have for women wanting to take the leap into starting their own business?

V: Find something you are passionate about. That is the most important thing, as it is that passion that will keep you going through the ups and downs in business.


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