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Packing for a family camping trip

From camping to picnicking, hiking, barbecues, and swimming, summer is the best season for the ultimate outdoor fun and sports activities. Despite summer being over, we still have a few months of warm weather and clear blue skies to enjoy.

Camping can offer a cheaper way to get the family away for a weekend!

Here's a checklist for essential items to carry for the best family camping experience:

Sleeping bags and pad

Summertime camping is a great way to unwind. And comfort is an important part of unwinding and relaxing. Sleeping bags and pads give you the much-needed comfort while out camping. They also protect and insulate you against the cold of summer nights. If you are afraid of those crawling insects that prowl the summer nights, a sleeping bag and pad should be one of the things you pack before setting out for the camp.

Camping attire, shoes, and gear

Carry a camping tent, chairs, flashlights, and lanterns for greater comfort.


Always go for polarized shades since they are more effective in blocking the sun rays!

Eating and drinking utensils

A summer camping is not complete without a hot meal around the campfire. Carry cookware, a fuelled camping stove, reusable water bottles, portable water filters, and eating utensils. Plan to prepare your meals at the camping site, so pass by the local grocery store for some foodstuffs.

Personal items

Pack insect spray, toiletries, and sunscreen. Remember to carry a first aid kit too. If you are on any prescription medication, pack enough medicine to last the camping trip.

Roof rack

If your car does not have one, purpose to get a roof rack from Roof Rack And Towbar World before embarking on a camping trip. You’ll need a rack because not all your camping essentials will fit inside the car.

Summer comes with clear blue skies and beautiful weather, ideal for the ultimate holiday experience.

Before you plan a road trip to the rugged mountains or park during the summer, always prepare well. Carry all the essential camping items to ensure that your summertime is memorable.


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