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One Fine Baby finds a new home online

nadean richards

One Fine Baby, Australia’s most stylish baby fair launched their online store in December of 2019.

Chic items for bump, baby and beyond from a curated range of 100+ brands are now available from the one-stop shop, anytime, anywhere.

We spent 5 minutes with CEO, Nadean Richards talking about the transition to the online store and the future of One Fine Baby.

1. You launched One Fine Baby exhibition fairs in 2014 and have had some of the biggest names in baby brands on board. What was the inspiration behind the venture?

One Fine Collective is all about celebrating milestones and after the successful launch of the One Fine Day fair, were we brought Instagram to life for weddings we knew (and experienced) then next major milestone to be babies, hence One Fine Baby was born.

2. How do One Fine Baby help parents make decisions on those big ticket items?

We do the hard for you at One Fine Baby. We have a curated marketplace where we have tried and tested the most stylish, quality brands and bring them all under one roof, making the journey for a new parent a lot easier.

icandy pram
iCandy prams available on One Fine Baby

3. You've now entered the online retail space, creating an online store for One Fine Baby, which is obviously a completely different beast to organising fairs. What's been the biggest challenge so far?

The biggest challenge to date has been managing the technology to create such a unique concept, but as we are learning we are developing and onboarding new functions and new vendors every day.

aeromoov travel cot
Aeromoov Travel Cot

4. What are some of your top 'must-have' product recommendations for new parents?

We absolutely love the New Aeromoov Travel Cot, which is the fastest instant cot in the world to pop up. This is sold exclusively through One Fine Baby.

We also love the Incy Interiors range, the Ergo Pouch swaddles, Infamous Swim, Tiny Harlow, Hello Monday and the list goes on.

5. You clearly have big goals for One Fine Baby as a brand, what's in store for 2020?

The main goals will be to refine the website and offering and ensure we deliver a wonderful experience for both customers and vendors alike!

one fine day baby


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