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Natalie Bassingthwaite shares her Mother's Day wishlist

Natalie Bassingthwaite

Natalie Bassingthwaite talks about the juggle of motherhood, what's on her Mother's Day wishlist and what she's most looking forward to post-ISO.

1. Bing Lee have created, a one stop shop for all gifting inspiration this Mother’s Day. How many hats do you wear on any given day?

I think all mums are wearing more hats than ever before. For me personally, the role as a mum comes first and foremost, but at the moment trying keep the kids busy and educated, run a household, whilst balancing work all at the same time is definitely a juggling act - the struggle is real!

There are so many mums out there going through a tough time especially during these current circumstances and I think the #MultipleHatsMum campaign is a great way to give back to our wonderful mums and recognise all the hard work they do!

2. What's the biggest challenge of wearing multiple hats?

The constant juggle, from being mum, to teacher, now an IT expert and HR manager all in one hit. I think the biggest challenge with wearing so many hats is trying to do them all well without falling in a heap! I’m sure all mums can agree, finding time to yourself can be pretty challenging!

3. What are Australian Mothers wishing for this year?

Bing Lee actually conducted the Multiple Hats Mum Report that gave some great insights into what Aussie mums are popping on their wish list this year. More so than ever before mums are wanting tech that allows them to keep in touch with their friends and family!

With new smartphones at the top of many Mother’s day lists. White goods were also popular, I think spending all this additional time at home, practical gifts are being valued more so than usual! Also, with gyms currently closed, the survey showed that mum would love to receive a gift that is going the help her maintain or improve her health and fitness at home, Fitbits and Fitness Mats - that sort of thing.

The MultipleHatsMum website provides a platform for mums to go on and create a wish list of things they love and allow families the opportunity to gift their mum something special that is ensured to spark positivity and enjoyment.

4. What's on your Mother's Day wishlist?

My multiple hats mum wish list is full! There are so many amazing things. Of course I don’t want to be greedy but this gives my fam a good idea of what I would love

Natalie shares what her and other Australian Mum's are wishing for this Mother's Day.

5. What is planned for post ISO life?

Reconnecting with family and friends is definitely at the top of my list! Also, as we have only just made the move to Byron Bay, I am really looking forward to getting to spend some time with the kids outdoors and going on some little adventures and really enjoying all the small luxuries we often took for granted before all of this!


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