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Must-have fitness equipment for a boujee home gym

Let’s be real, a comfortable pair of runners and your favourite activewear are just the tip of the iceberg of a great sweat sesh. If you’ve taken up working from home permanently thanks to COVID, you’re going to need right set up to keep you motivated.

With the best equipment, you get all the benefits of a good session at your favourite studio…without even having to leave the house. You don’t have to share the changing room AND you get to play DJ choosing the tunes which get you going. Better yet, you’re that much closer to the fridge for a treat once you’re done.

home gym equipment
We share our must-haves for a boujee home gym

Whether you're beginning to build, or simply optimising your at-home gym, upgrading your living room training sessions with real exercise equipment will take your workout to the next level.

But don’t sweat it: We rounded up some of our favourite home workout equipment for any space.

Infinite Cycle @ HOME

This subscription-based fitness program allows you to rent or buy a bike to use in tandem with the Infinite Cycle @ HOME app for effective workouts from the comfort of your own living room.

Unlike many other home-based fitness programs, Infinite Cycle @ Home. classes are delivered in real-time and are interactive so that you can get feedback throughout your sessions from your instructor. The classes are also recorded and available to replay so they can be easily fit into your schedule.

You and your IC ‘avatar’ in the virtual world, ride alongside all the other IC @ home riders, keeping you motivated to keep up and accountable.

spin class app
Infinite cycle @ home is a must-have!

Infinite cycle coordinates the delivery and set up of the bike, so that you are ready to ride from the second they drop the bike at your house. Better yet, the bike itself tilts 22 degrees in each direction – just like a real bike. This technology doesn’t just make the workout more thrilling (and realistic), it also delivers serious physical benefits. The movement of the bike forces muscles to engage that wouldn’t otherwise fire-up when riding a regular stationary bike, they also help you burn 20% more calories vs a regular stationary bike. Win win!

The V-Form Trainer

By far one of the smartest pieces of tech to come out in the last year, and it also happens to be an Australian innovation! It's a slimline carbon fibre platform that enables lifts from 5kg to 180kg. The innovative adaptive weight acts as a spotter, learning the user’s ability and adjusting over 40x a

second. It pairs with the Vitruvian App for access to custom workouts, motivational classes and tracking fine-grain performance data. 

You can also compete with friends and users world-wide and focus on honing your technique with professional tutorials. Compact enough to store just about anywhere, the sleek carbon fibre design also sits pretty as a talking point in your home.

Their technology uses algorithms that ensure you are training in a better, more effective way. You can train on your own, connect with your PT, it measures how you are progressing and logs it so you can continue to improve. The key is electromagnetic resistance.  

Blood Flow Restriction Training

(BFT training) enables users to take a ‘work smarter’ approach when it comes to lifting weights, helping them smash their strength and aesthetic goals while using lighter weights and ultimately, spending less hours in the gym. The result? Accelerated gains, maximal results, achieved with less recovery.

If you’re new to the concept of BFR training (which stands for blood flow restriction), it involves low-intensity exercise while wearing constrictive bands designed to reduce the amount of oxygen supplied to muscles. 

Professional athletes have been in on the secret of BFR training for a while now as they need to have their fitness at a certain level, but don’t have much free time to recover. But, until now, the concept hadn’t taken off in the wider consumer fitness product market, simply because the products were challenging to implement with their bulky, wired bands. 

SAGA Fitness are the first bands that are completely wireless, feature personalised calibration and auto-inflate. Plus, they’re equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and are controlled via the SAGA fitness app which includes training tips and video demonstrations for a variety of fitness goals. In the past, consumers have stayed away from BRT because the bands were heavily wired and complicated to use, but not anymore!


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