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Money saving sustainable hacks to try on your next grocery trip

When it comes to food shopping, we can tend to impulse buy food that we may not necessarily need; this can result in a hefty grocery bill and food going to waste. Sure, you can research hacks on how to save money when on your next grocery shop, but another thing to keep in mind is the impact

our shopping habits are having on the planet.

59% of Aussies admit to being worried about food waste, according to a recent study from GLAD®, so I’ve pulled together some simple tips and hacks on how you can reduce food waste and shop more sustainably to save a little extra money.

dani venn masterchef
Dani Venn shares her tips for saving money & reducing waste

Hack 1: Bulk buy only non-perishable items 

Buying in bulk may seem like a good idea at first, but if you don’t keep up with the routine of storing your food correctly and ensuring you use all your perishable items and leftovers, you may still end up wasting food.

When you’re on your next shop, try purchasing non-perishable items such as dried pasta or rice that you can use for meal prep, saving you a little extra money in the long run. Shopping at whole foods stores is great for bulk buying. But make sure you keep in mind to not over purchase, meet in the middle and only buy the amount you know you’ll use. I like to store any extra leftovers from my meal planning in a Glad to be Green® Reseal Bag and freeze them to keep them fresh and protected. To go the extra mile, these bags can be recycled through REDcycle at your local Woolworths and Coles store nationwide.

Hack 2: Try to sidestep any grocery store special offers

Special offers are great for helping manage the budget and keeping yourself on track; however, it is key to remember to try and be mindful of what the stores are encouraging you to purchase and if it’s what you really need. Remind yourself of the quantities you need and try to shop with purpose.

If you do find a special offer such as reduced price quality meat make sure you purchase what you need and use it that very day as most meats that are discounted need to be used either same day or the next day.


Hack 3: Prepare a sustainable list 

Before heading out to the store, take an extra 5 minutes to look through your cupboards and fridge and prepare a sustainable shopping list so you only purchase items that you need to restock. It is important to be prepared and have a plan before heading into the shop.

Hack 4: Purchase seasonal produce

The benefits of buying in-season are that the produce is always cheaper. To save a little extra money, search for ingredients that are currently in season and quantify how much you will need for the week to ensure everything that is purchased is being used. Don’t be afraid to embrace the edgy veggies either as they help to combat food waste.

Hack 5: Farmer’s and fresh food markets are your friend

Dani Venn Glad

If you find yourself constantly using up a certain range of fruits and vegetables throughout the week, going to a farmer’s market or a fresh food market is an excellent way to source your favourite fruit and vegetables cheaper. The sellers at the market usually try to sell everything they have to avoid

Calculation based off findings from 2021 Antenna Research commissioned by GLAD® food wastage, so they often sell their produce at reduced prices before the market closes. Not only are you helping a small business and buying straight from the source, but you are also getting some sweet savings on products.  

There are many ways you can save money sustainably whilst helping reduce food waste at home. All it takes is a little time and planning to find the best ways to make your food last longer. You can find further tips on how to shop smarter by visiting the GLAD® website 

Happy shopping!

MasterChef alumni and Mum, Dani Venn shares more tips on her Instagram.


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