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Michaela, founder of Bodhi & Ride

melbourne spin class

This is Michaela. She’s taken the usual idea of spin class, and completely turned it on it’s head.

Imagine your perfect nightclub setting: the dark space, the flashing lights and your favourite music playing. Now add 28 spin bikes and an instructor who is seriously going to push you to your limits.

Now you’ve got Bodhi and Ride.

spin class studio

A while back, KingPin in Crown hosted one of Bodhi and Ride’s pop up classes. I rode in one session and absolutely LOVED the ride and the concept of the business. Learning this Melbourne spin class like no other was founded by a woman, I knew I had to get in touch.

Later, I sat down with Michaela to chat about how she has found success in the health and fitness industry.

SDT: Firstly, congratulations on starting such an amazing business! Is your working background in health and fitness?

Michaela: My background is actually in banking! I worked for ANZ for 10 years in the Marketing department, working on payment apps for small business banking. The ANZ bank is very supportive of its staff and encourage them to take the time to pursue passions. So I took a two year break and found what I really wanted to do!

SDT: So what made you want to start your own business?

Michaela: In all my years at the bank, I saw many people come and go. I attended many retirement parties and never wanted to be one of those people. Big business is such a machine and once people leave, they’re pretty much forgotten about in 2 months! I wanted to do something that made more of an impact on people and knew I couldn’t achieve that in a corporation. I was also a big fan of spin classes and developed an idea of how I could improve the experience for participants.

bodhi and ride

SDT: Where did the idea for the pop up classes come from?

Michaela: We actually had the same architect as Bond Nightclub in Melbourne. I knew that the night club was vacant during the week and thought it would be cool to utilise that space. The guys from Bond thought it was a great idea so we set up shop on weekdays there for a month. We ran an influencer ride to get us some social media exposure and the response to that was amazing. The Project and Channel 9 news also loved the unique concept and ran a story on us. Why not keep going with a great idea right?!

SDT: What’s the best thing about running your own business?

Michaela: The independence! I love calling all the shots. There’s a sense of freedom, I am able to create whatever I want, on my watch. Unlike big businesses, there aren’t any channels or managers you need to go through to get something done. Running your own business means you can execute your own ideas!

melbourne spin class

SDT: What hurdles did you have to overcome opening Bodhi and Ride?

Michaela: I must admit, it can get lonely. My staff are fabulous but there are nights where I have to stay back in the studio till all hours to get work done. It can also be difficult retaining clients in a saturated market. If someone wants to ride in a Melbourne spin class, they’re going to be spoiled for choice. So it’s about having the knowledge that can give your business the edge.

SDT: What is your advice for women wanting to break into the health and fitness industry?

Michaela: Immerse yourself! Know every facet of the industry and what you plan to do in it. It’s also extremely important to reach out and ask questions! I’ve discovered people are usually more than happy to share their knowledge and help out when they can.

SDT: Finally, what does the future hold for Bodhi and Ride?

Michaela: More pop up classes! Making use of vacant spaces all over Melbourne for a few months at a time is great because we can pick up new clientele who will hopefully come into the Port Melbourne studio as well. I also love collaborating with businesses with similar visions to my own, so I’m hoping there’s more of that too.

Learn more about Bodhi & Ride and book yourself in for a class HERE


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