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Making your home a place of relaxation

There's nothing better than coming home from a hard day's work at the office. Kicking off your shoes, slipping into your comfy clothes and jumping on the sofa.

If you're like me, laying on the couch, scrolling through my phone while semi-tuning into whatever is on TV can be the extent of a relaxing night at home. While this can be great, sometimes scrolling through Instagram can leave me more anxious than I was during the day.

So here are some ways you can make your home a haven on relaxation where you can ACTUALLY relax!

Decorate the space

If lounging on the couch is your thing, you need to make it comfortable. Create a reading nook for yourself and equip it with lots of soft, cosy throws that make you feel peaceful.

Find pillows and throws, have a look here in case you’re not that used to style up your home. You might just find that interior design is something you enjoy! Don't just stop at cushions and throws either! Find some art for your walls, throw down a rug and light those candles!

Remember to light that fireplace once in a while too! Fireplaces always take me back to my childhood, making me feel cozy and truly at home. If you don't have the capacity for a real fire place, consider a Real Flame - that way, you get to enjoy it in anyway!

Create a bath time routine

If you’ve never been a fan of having baths, it’s because you’re not doing it right. Try to fall in love with it by getting all of those small luxurious; bath bombs, candles, face masks, you name it - it’s going to feel great. Make this a time of no- technology where you simply close your eyes and concentrate on breathing!

Practise good sleep hygiene

This means no phones in bed (a difficult one, we know!), and taking the time to wind down for sleep. Sip on a herbal tea, read a book or listen to some guided meditation! Doing these things can not only encourage relaxation, but they can improve the quality of your sleep too!


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