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Making more time for yourself

No matter what might be going on in your life, you're ALWAYS allowed to take some time out for you.

I'm a firm believer that everything good in life starts with loving yourself. As women, we often put others first which can result in our needs and "me-time" going out the window.

We're wives, girlfriends, mum's, daughters, friends and let's not forget, BUSY BOSS BABES who need to take time out to spoil ourselves every once in a while. It doesn't have to be an all day affair, but it's important that sometimes you just take the time to DO YOU.

So here's a few things you can do this week that are just for you. Because you deserve it lady!

Freshen up the locks

One of my favourite forms of me time is a little pamper session with my hairdresser. Now although appearance isn't everything, it's often pleasing to like what you see in the mirror. One of the easiest and quickest fixes is to improve your hair, something which you can either do by yourself at home, or at a professional salon like I also believe any good hairdresser should have a double degree in counselling (Does anyone else spill their guts when they sit in that chair?!), so it's a great way to have a good chat with a friendly face while getting all dolled up.

Work on your self confidence

By feeling that we need to put everyone else's needs before our on can result in a loss of self confidence. Take some time to remember how powerful, amazing and worthy YOU are. It might sound crazy, but power poses can be a great way to make yourself feel immediately better about yourself, and they are a great way to ensure that you boost your confidence over time as well. One of the best is the Wonder Woman pose, which means hands on the hips and back straight. Do that for two minutes, and you will feel an immediate improvement in your self-confidence.

wonder woman power pose
Wonder Woman Power Pose

Another great way to boost your confidence is to write down a list of your strengths and things you love about yourself. It doesn't have to be a long list, just 3 things you like about yourself. Trust me, it works!

Dedicate one hour each day to do something you love

This might be giving yourself a facial, or giving your hair an in home treatment. Perhaps you're an avid reader! For me, it's lounging on the couch, catching up on some mindless TV. Because my mind is always on the go, I love doing things that take zero brain power. Whatever it is, dedicate an hour to doing something that makes you happy.

Make A Change

Finally, let’s not forget that some of the best things you can do are those which are actually making a difference to your life. The more you take control of your life, the happier you'll be. If you feel life is running you rather than you running your life, perhaps it's time to make a few changes to get some control back.


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