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Make your dream interiors a reality

When it comes to your home and living situation, it’s so important that you’re able to live in the way that you want. Whether you realize it or not, your home really does impact on your happiness. If you live in a house that you really don’t like, it can make you feel unsettled and resentful. So this is why it’s so important for you to make sure that you’re in love with your interiors. If you really want to make sure that you love your home (and your life), you need to bring your dream interiors to life.

When you first start to think about this, it can seem like a huge job. A job that you really don’t want to get started on.

So, to help you create interiors that you love, let’s break down the easiest ways to make it happen.

Find Your Design Style

The key here is to try not to get overwhelmed and confused. If you have absolutely no idea of the kind of design you want to go with, it may mean that you just don’t know what your dream design style is. And that’s okay! So start by thinking about the kind of decor that you love. Buy design magazines or take a look on Pinterest to start pulling together a style that defines your taste. Start a board on pinterest and collect all your favourite images there. Your style will become apparent after doing this for a while!

Set The Intention

Now that you are a little more comfortable with the idea of interior design, you now need to set an intention about what you want to achieve. Because if you just hope for the best, you may never motivate yourself to get this done. Instead, set goals for what you want to achieve and when by. This will help you to start acting and not just plan. Try focusing on one area or room of your house at a time. Splitting it into bite size tasks that you can tick off will help you feeling motivated and as if you're achieving something! Think about getting the most important room started, and then move on over to the next, and so on. This is the easiest way to make it as manageable as possible.

Make Sacrifices

Something that will help you to make this happen is to think about making sacrifices. If you know that you want to renovate the kitchen or get an extension, you need funds. So cut back in areas that don’t overly mean a lot for you so that you can start saving for those exact things.

Consider Working With A Professional

If you have the budget available and you don't have faith in yourself to get the job done, hire someone! We're huge fans of outsourcing here at She Does This!

Renovating or redesigning is a lot of work, but the best interior designer will make the experience so much easier and more enjoyable for you. So if there is someone whose style you admire, why not consider hiring them instead?


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