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Living naturally with Magdalena Roze

Magdalena Roze is an award winning media personality who swapped 3am wake up calls to live life at a slower pace with her husband and young family in Byron Bay.

Jordy caught up with Magdalena to talk about life in and out of the media, and her latest role as the face of Oil Garden.

magdalena roze oil garden

Jordy: You’re a journalist, meteorologist and presenter who most of us would recognise from reading the news and weather on Channel 10. How did you get your break in television?

MAGDALENA: I was studying Media and communication at the University of Sydney and was lucky enough to get an internship at Channel Nine’s travel show “Getaway.” I was willing to do all the mundane and boring jobs that no one else wanted to do and at the end of the three months, they offered me a job!

Jordy: What’s your advice for journalists and presenters wanting to break into TV?

MAGDALENA: If it’s your dream, go for it! You'll meet some of the most amazing, interesting people and no one day is the same. Whether you’re in a newsroom or working in lifestyle, it’s a real privilege to be in a position where you shape the way people see the world.

It can be cut-throat though, and the media landscape has already changed so much, so believe in yourself and run your own race. And if you’re on camera make sure you have someone you love and trust like mum or dad to keep you humble and tell you the truth!

Finally, when you get there, remember that it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

Jordy: Aside from your successful career in media, you’re also an author! What was the inspiration behind your book, Happy & Whole?

magdalena roze book

MAGDALENA: I was so humbled when my publisher approached me to write this book because it’s so many of my passions rolled into one. I've always loved food, cooking and lifestyle but moving to Byron Bay was a game changer. I got the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with the things I really love doing, like cooking.

Our life here revolves around food, and we not only have access to amazing produce but so many amazing wellness philosophies and ideas too. This has been very inspiring for me. So my book is a collection of my favourite wholefood recipes as well as tips for living a more nourished life from making your own natural skin care to detoxing the home.

Jordy: You’re clearly passionate about living a more natural lifestyle, you must be SO excited about your new role as ambassador for Oil Garden?!

MAGDALENA: My partnership with Oil Garden is a dream come true. I love essential oils and they’re very much a part of my lifestyle for general wellbeing, our health and beauty. I feel lucky that I get to work with a heritage Australian brand and share these beautiful natural oils with others.

Oil Garden was actually founded in Byron Bay which makes it special for me too.

Jordy: Having a full range of essential oils may be out of the budget for some, what would be your must haves for busy women and mothers out there?

Lavender oil is perfect for rest, relaxation and calm and a great one for promoting a good night’s sleep too (including babies and kids!). The Refresh and Renew essential oil blend is uplifting, energising and makes the air smell fresh and clean (speaking of which, its a great one to add to DIY natural cleaning products too). And Oil Garden’s Women’s Balance Silk Bath Oil is the most gorgeous way to unwind and treat yourself with a hot bath after a long or stressful day.

magdalena roze

Jordy: How do you incorporate essential oils and natural products into your daily beauty routine?

MAGDALENA: When I first fell pregnant with Archie I found many smells and chemicals really unpleasant, including a lot of conventional fragrances but this was never the case with essential oils so I started making my own little blends just by adding a few drops into a roller with a carrier oil.

Not only do they smell divine but they have the added benefit of making me feel good!

I also add a few drops to our vaporiser daily depending on the mood, so it might be lavender to promote a sense of calm, lemongrass or orange for energy and some freshness, or a blend of deodorising and anti-bacterial oils like clove, eucalyptus, rosemary if one of us is sick. The list goes on! I also use them to make basic, natural cleaning products.

Jordy: Where can we find out more information and get our own oils?

MAGDALENA: You can find lots of information on Oil Garden’s website

Check out my Instagram feed for some inspiration too.


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